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  1. Am I correct in believing that this is Mentl’s first meeting with the “lizard wizard”?

    1. I don’t think you are, sibling. They first met on page 42 of the PDF archive for 2009. Although at that time, Gorshash was mainly busy with Tula while Zona and Mentl devastated the underlings.

  2. Aye. It is.

  3. Devils and Dust might have been more appropriate, given the setting.

    1. I have to admit that while I approve of playing Queen music pretty much whatever the occasion, I’m not sure I see a connection between “We Will Rock You” and teleporting miles away. (“Ogre Battle” might have been closer, but since it implies the ogres win, I think Mentl will want to steer clear of that song.)

  4. Hmm… well, well, well… Now I can’t wait for what’s next. Again

    HRP Alfred Jodl: “I object to the wait!”

  5. I don’t believe a Mandolin will be particularly effective against Dragon Fire.

    1. I can think of another Queen song that will be perfect for that… and its line “You need a bullet like you a hole in the head” would do wonders for a follow-up against line warriors.

    2. You don’t think Mentl could pull off Foreigner’s Cold As Ice on a mandolin?

  6. “Bellowing”? “BELLOWING”? That dolt calls a Queen song *”BELLOWING”*? That’s it. Feed him to his own dragon.

    Also, I think they know that they’re just here to avenge the village, dude. But then, if you were tired of getting your ass kicked, you’d look for another job, right?

    Oh. And. “They may be ashes and bones. But they’re our ashes and bones. Do yourself a favor and drop dead.”

    1. Thanks for focusing on the important thing here; Gorshash’s insult to Queen. You don’t insult Queen like that!
      So, yes, drop dead, Gorshash!

  7. You know, if you lay down the ONE Queen son whose lyrics I don’t need to look up, I kinda expect it to be perfect. 😛
    Just giggin’ you man, this beggar ain’t no chooser.

  8. So, a preview of what will be left of you then?

  9. “We Will Rock You” is an anthem! Mentyl is singing an Anthem for Erogenia. Personally I expect A LOT of Erogenians to come through.
    The LIVE resin of the song’s chorus is “WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU! EVERYBODY! WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!”
    Some bastard is in for a surprise…

  10. Why did Gorshash pronounce excellent funny in the third panel?

    1. It’s Latin – Ex Callent. It means “out of the hardskin.”
      Gorshash is describing the heroes method of arrival.

      Either that, or it’s a typo.

  11. Noting that “rock you” might be (mis-)interpreted as “turning you into rock”.

  12. Perhaps the next song should be Skillet – Back From the Dead. Gorshash really should be afraid, very afraid….

  13. Or “excallent” is an archaic equivalent to “excellent”, because Gorshash has gotten used to speaking archaic Erogenian with Kor Lachnis.

  14. It just struck me that the book on Mentl’s belt looks interestingly like a portable guit… well, mandolin amplifier.

  15. Every time I look at this, I really really want Gorshash’s first line to be “Ok, here they come to save the day…”
    But thanks anyway!

  16. Fearless was that not the short of to stupid to fear

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