DELL: There’s the mercy for thieves and assassins on my land.

MORCAI: Soooo – No questioning, yeh?

DELL: You did well to spare one of them.  But I already know where these two came from and who sent them.  It concerns the unfinished business between you and I.

MORCAI: Ahh.  The job, yeh?

DELL:  Oh yes.   You will need to pack for a bit of a trip.  There’s no hurry – yet. Still, it is best you arrive at the right moment.  (hands Morcai a scroll) Memorize all this and then destroy it thoroughly.

MAHD: Is Tom going away?

MORCAI: Sorry darlins.  Got to pay the bills, yeh?

DELL: Don’t fret, ladies, if I am any judge, he will return again safely.

FEEBY: We miss Tom already!

MORCAI: So, my lord, can I –

MORCAI: Fuuuuck me, lord Dell …  Neat trick, yeh?

MAHD: Silly Tom! Lord Dell not fuck you! We fuck you!

FEEBY:  Yes! We go inside! Time  for good fuckings before Tom go!