Dang, that usually works. Page 1306

12 thoughts on “Dang, that usually works. Page 1306

  1. Yay, welcome back! Great page, panel three is awesome. Whose hawk?

  2. I think it’s the shaman.

  3. Wouldn’t that be a bleedin’ shame…

  4. Man, gotta be hard to reload a crossbow in flight. Do you hook the foot loop on the saddle horn?

  5. Welcome back!

  6. In panel 3, it looks like the dragonfire is being blocked.
    It occurs to me that, if this magical shield can be shaped, then this fire can be redirected to the uritts, & even burn the riders off of the dragons.

  7. Judging by the look of it, the front handle is actually for you to place your foot while using both hands to pull back the bow string. I’m sure you could use the saddle horn if it fit over it, but that crossbow looks to be a 95lbs bow, so you want to make sure it’s not going to suddenly fly back and smash your nose… Or throat…

  8. Welcome back! Thanks for the update on how you are!
    I’ll raise my glass to you and wish you Wohlsein and Santé, in both meanings!

  9. Yeah! New page! 😀 And they made magickal shields that could block the dragon fire. Also nice work of the Hawk Tribe shaman.

  10. There isn’t room on the saddle to do that, since the stock of the crossbow is so long It’s usually done with a foot. You can also brace it against your stomach if you have rock-hard abs. I actually won a crossbow speed round at a medieval society event by using an 85# crossbow and yanking the string back with both hands, butt of the stock braced against my diaphragm (quiver of bolts on my belt). I got 9 shots off in 30 seconds, and everyone’s jaws dropped. The next-best could only do 6…and everyone there knew I wasn’t a crossbow shooter. I was borrowing someone else’s for fun, and that was the first day I’d ever used one. Only one other person could copy my trick using his diaphragm muscles as a brace, though. Turns out he was a singer, too!

  11. Welcome back, JED! My thoughts and best wishes have been with you during this haitus.
    Now, to the task at hand.
    That’s a mighty good start to throwing ol’ ragscales off his feed! Oh, and love the hawk!

  12. I had a 35# pistil grip one, it was ok, just wimpy. Plus the string was crap, after a few practice shots it started to fray, so it’s in a closet somewhere. We were living in a rough neighborhood and I wasn’t sure I could get a permit. Funny thing, my youngest talked me into applying after he seen the crossbow, and I did get one, so he dragged me to a gun shop. I never needed a gun before since I was a trained martial artist. Age and injury changed that 🙁

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