IPOLA: I see.  I feel foolish saying this but I really wasn’t expecting that.

ZONN: How could you know what to expect?

IPOLA: How indeed?  For twenty-five years you’ve been thirty years old to me, and still the same sellsword you used to be.  And my lost people that were with you, I imagined them dead. All the freed slaves …

ZONN: What about the ones we freed in the war? Where did they wind up, in the end?

IPOLA: There’s a new tribe.  The Snake Tribe. And I think they are one of the things I am proudest of.  

ZONN: That’s wonderful.

IPOLA: They wrote their own rules, made their own traditions, just like you did.  Zonn –


IPOLA: If your tribe won’t come, will you, at least?

ZONN: I … I can’t risk my life without their consent, Ipola.  Of all people you should understand that.

IPOLA: I just did!  And I did it because it was a chance worth taking.  The stakes are our very existence. Sometimes, Zonn, a king trusts his own judgement, rather than the opinions of the people.

ZONN: Now wait.  Just wait a moment …

IPOLA: It’s called “leadership.”  And I –

ZONN: That’s not –

IPOLA: Zonn –

ZONN: Ipola –