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TRANSCRIPT:     IPOLA: I see.  I feel foolish saying this but I really wasn’t expecting that. ZONN: How could you know what to expect? IPOLA: How indeed?  For twenty-five years you’ve been thirty years old to me, and still the same sellsword you used to be.  And my lost people that were with you, I imagined them dead. All the freed slaves … ZONN: What about the ones we freed in the war? Where did they wind up, in the end? IPOLA: There’s a new tribe.  The Snake Tribe. And I think they are one of the things I am proudest of.   ZONN: That’s wonderful. IPOLA: They wrote their own rules, made their own traditions, just like you did.  Zonn -   IPOLA: If your tribe won’t come, will you, at least? ZONN: I … I can’t risk my life without their consent, Ipola.  Of all people you should understand that. IPOLA: I just did!  And I did it because it was a chance worth taking.  The stakes are our very existence. Sometimes, Zonn, a king trusts his own judgement, rather than the opinions of the people. ZONN: Now wait.  Just wait a moment … IPOLA: It’s called “leadership.”  And I - ZONN: That’s not - IPOLA: Zonn - ZONN: Ipola -

19 thoughts on “Expectations – Page 1101

  1. And here we go again…

    1. Eeyup. Totally. Grab the popcorn, get the drinks, and sit down. This is going to be entertaining. :-3

  2. “Leadership” is when you do what I say. Okay. Got it. 😀

    She’s jumping ahead. She should save this until it’s actually needed.

  3. and they act as they always have

  4. She makes an awfully good point about how she just came out to see him alone. He could do the same…

    Nice to see you back, JED! Hope you enjoyed the wedding!

    1. But because she did it does not mean that he can.
      As it was mentioned earlier, Zonn’s clan has quite a different way of functioning from what Ipola is used to.

      Even if Zonn feels like his clan has to mobilize, he has to convince his subjects that this is the way, he has to get them to agree.
      And that isn’t granted.

  5. I got two to one odds on angry sex! Three to one on mutual laughter! Roll up, people, can’t win if you don’t play!

    1. Mister Miffy! Twenty imaginary bits on mutual laughter!

  6. Ooooh, I think we’ve just seen Ipola make what may have been the second mistake in her entire career. (The way she confronted Mentl when he first arrived in Erogenia was another one.)

    One hopes they find the sense NOT to fight about it, and if they do, not to say anything *too* rash. Actually, the cool thing would be for them to start arguing a bit loudly, only for Zona to come along and tell them off because they can’t be fighting while there’s a war on.

    Also, that circlet looks splendid up close in panels four and five.

  7. Well, passions run high, all of them! So someone needs to pause a breath and let the other finish- whoever it is- maybe they arm wrestle for it? In any case Zonn seems right to me, as does Ipola for a different reason. Thanks JED- hope the wedding and etc were all you had wished for! Mazel Tov!

  8. ok… but this time, I feel it’s Ipola who is trying to ‘manipulate’ Zonn. I don’t mean she isn’t right, that now the stakes are not more important than anything else, after all if Shuach comes back, I don’t think the Sun Tribe and Zonn will be able to live ‘happily ever after’. But still, I don’t like the way she is asking Zonn.
    I might be wrong but I imagine the voice of Zonn in the last panel low and patient….
    Anyway, We will see… Perhaps Zona will come to their help :p

  9. sniff … sniff … Zon, so grown up and responsible … sniff …

  10. Is there some sort of magic ‘radio’ to keep up communication between Erogenia & the Sun Tribe. Coordinated attacks on the Urrts from two sides would be the best thing militarily.

    1. We’ve seen long distance comms with Ipola’s magic rings before, but such resources seem to be in short supply. Also, the military capacity of the sun tribe doesn’t look to be all that high.

    2. Unless they’ve got something we haven’t seen yet, such as the capacity to ride giant bugs into battle 😉

  11. To my mind, Ipola’s definition of leadership is incomplete. Yes a leader sometimes needs to make decisions that aren’t popular at the time, but a true leader is able to convince those who follow em that they were wrong and their leader is right.

  12. I think in some ways Ipola still sees Zonn as a thirty year old and it will take a while to change her way of viewing him.
    I get that she’s desperate for help, but she still needs to respect Zonn and his people and their choice.

  13. Ipola might do well to remember Zonn hasn’t needed her permission to be a King, or her advice.

    In my humble opinion, you don’t walk in to a kingdom and start giving advice on how good it would be to do what you’re told.

    1. Remember, Ipola is the High Queen of all Erogenia back home. She’s trying to bully and cajole Zonn into falling in line like the rest. Only Zonn ain’t trying to hear that noise…

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