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TRANSCRIPT ZONA: When the time came, Kevin had me put my good foot in his hands and just “whoosh!”  sent all three of us flying into the hole in the worlds! KID1: Wow! He must be strong! MENTL: Oh yeah.  He’s … legendary in my world. KID2: Is he as strong as Zonn? KID1: NO-body is as strong as Zonn! MENTL: Well, I don’t know, but he’s probably the strongest man in my world.   If “man” even applies to him. KID3: Who would win in a fight?  If Zonn and him had a fight? ZONA: Oh - I don’t … KID2: Zonn can beat anybody! KID3: He can lift anything!  He kills the big monsters with his bare hands and stuff! MENTL: Aren’t you forgetting something? KID3: What? MENTL: Well … what would they be fighting about?  Zonn’s a really good guy, and so’s Kevin. I think they wouldn’t fight each other.  I think they’d probably team up. KID3: Ohh … yeah. ZONA: I don’t know how it goes here yet, but back home we sometimes have contests and we fight for fun.  But Kevin’s not an Erogenian - he’s a different sort of person. I saw him stop a fight and make it all right with everybody just by talking and calming people down.  I think that shows a lot of strength, too. A different kind of strength. I think he would rather not fight at all if you gave him a choice. I think Zonn - well from what I’ve seen my father is kind of like that now, as well.  He’s ... IPOLA: “Hectoring?”  Where did you even learn that word?  You mean “nagging” don’t you? ZONN: No, no, I don’t.  Besides, I know you don’t like me to say the “N” word unless I’m talking about horses.  But it’s just not that simple, Ipola!

12 thoughts on “Who would win? – Page 1102

  1. Really nice lessons to pass on to all the Erogenian kids. Although Sun Tribe folks don’t seem to need to learn that one so much as the tribes back “home”.

  2. Love all these interactions! and the assessments seem to be right on too!

  3. Aaahh, “who would win?”, that old mainstay of kids everywhere… I’m not entirely sure why we seem compelled to do this, but obviously we do. (Well, at least some of us.)

    Interesting that Zonn and Ipola are continuing their argument where others can hear them. I for one would have thought that they’d have kept it private. Or does it allow them to present both sides of the question more or less publicly before the gathering even starts?

    Last but not least, I love Mentl’s tidbit of wisdom about why they would fight. Of course, one could draw on five decades and more of Marvel comics to show that there’s lots of room for best-intentioned people (if a bit headstrong) to fight among themselves. But Mentl’s point still stands, and he’s talking to kids an age where you don’t want to complicate things too much. It will come, of course.

    (By the way, I didn’t take time to say RIP Stan Lee here.)

    1. If you compare with the last page, it’s fairly clear the “discussion” started where they currently are. Were it not for them getting loud, they would have had a private conversation, but neither one is of mind right now to move to a more secluded spot.

      Also, to me it’s quite clear to me, who would win. BATMAN!

  4. Did somebody order a basket and a one way ticket to WAAAYYY SOUTH?

  5. Thank you, JED, for including this lesson to the kids about how you donn’t have to fight someone who could be, and should be, your friend. The comic book trope of two superheroes fighting each other for, frankly, the stupidest reasons when they should’ve been friends has always grated on my nerves. (MCU’s Civil War has a fairly logical reason compared to, say Batman Vs. Superman, but most superhero fights are just…stupid misunderstandings at best that should’ve been deflated by talking with each other, rather than going straight to the fisticuffs as an idiotic hothead.)

  6. Zonn may need some back up. Zona to the rescue!

  7. shouldn’t Mentyl have a torc now? As a part of the tribe and an adult? Am I missing something?

    1. Found it. The Queen gave him a ‘favor’ that made him free in Erogenian lands. It looks like a Torq but is on his wrist.

      The Link: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/much-rejoicing/page-321/

      Now whether he should get a proper torq for marrying in to the family, that’s for JED to say.

  8. I guess this is the setup for Zona to talk some sense into both her parents?

    I like the lessons Zona and Mentl are imparting on the kids. They are good lessons.

  9. I’m one page late commenting, but…Ipola is being both unfair and unwise here. Unfair because, instead of citing it as a Monarch’s privilege to make a decision not in accord with his/her subjects’ opinion, she plays a gender card by implyin that a real *king* would do so, thereby implicitly challenging Zonn’s manhood. Unwise because she her argument is premature: she should have waited for Zonn to solicit his tribe’s advice before sheargues against a decision which might never be rendered. She might have entirely avoided disagreement.

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