IPOLA: For anything else, for anyone else it wouldn’t be, Zonn, but this is you, this is me, this is for the world.  Not an exaggeration! The world! It is that simple, dammit –  I need to know!

ZONN: And you can’t give me one day?

IPOLA: How many days does Erogenia have?  I left in the middle of a crisis …

ZONN: All I’m saying is don’t pressure me like this.  Or I swear it’ll be like Mimos all over again!

IPOLA: Oh – so!

ZONN: Yes!

IPOLA: Now you bring that up?  Now?! Have you been storing that hurt up for twenty-five years just to throw it in my face again?  We weren’t any kind of a chain, Zonn! And you refused to wear one, so –

ZONN: I refused?  You refused to have any chain but your goddam crown!   It still hurt!

IPOLA: And what you did hurt me twice as much!  Don’t you blame me for your sexual impulses!

ZONN: I’m not blaming you for that – but it just seems as soon as I find a little peace …

IPOLA: Don’t you DARE turn your back on me —

ZONN: Hey – this is my tribe, not yours! Not yet, anyway!.

IPOLA: Oo! You — you —

MENTL: We’re not … gonna ever fight like that – are we?

ZONA: Depends.  Are you planning to disappear for twenty-five years ?

MENTL: No, ma’am.

ZONA: Good.  Six months without you was hard enough.