DRACONIAN PRIEST: It do not change de lives we ha’  lost, de destruction and de treasure cost.


GUDIK: Granted.  We can discuss reparations, but now we need a principle to stop fighting each other and …


THERIK: The Church will not pay a copper penny! This –


YANORA: Bishop, I think that you may find that once my son is back on the throne where he belongs, the Church will have enough to do with cleaning itself up.  I am speaking of traitors wearing the vestments of Thrasu …


DRACONIAN: Heh.  Dat sounds a bit dire fer yer Church.

THRASAN: More than the likes of me need be concerned about.  Or the Erogenians, neither. Saying that the Dragons are awake.  How did they know? Did they see `em? What did they play riddles with `em or something?

DRACONIAN: Suppos’tly de Erogenian queen says dey saw `em.

THRASAN: Well … Erogenians.

DRACONIAN: De Erogenians be b’barians, aye, but dey’re right in de Book O’ Draco. Dey even gets a place in Second Paradise after de Final Fall.   An’ dey never lie.

THRASAN: Well, yeah, I heard that they don’t lie to each other.  They can lie to enemies.

DRACONIAN: Oh. Aye, I never t’ought o’ dat … Still.  If de Dragons are awake, it means de end of de worl’.



THRASAN: You got a name?

DRACONIAN: `Course.  But … I t’ink I won’ tell ye.


DRACONIAN: On’y `cause if de Dragons ain’t back, den we got to go back to killin’ each odder. And’ I don’t wanna know yer name nor you know mine.

THRASAN: Oh. Yeah.

DRACONIAN TRAVELLERS: We mus’ see de King!

DRACONIAN: Hoy dere!

DRACONIAN: Halt!  Who goes?