MERTEAN: All righ’.  All righ’ Den … den I will kill a … a …

BEDIK: A thousand?

MERTEAN: Righ’ righ’.  I will kill a t’ousan’ Urtts.  

BEDIK  All by yourself, right?

MERTEAN: Ah-huh!  All by m’self! Top dat!

BEDIK: Thass a lotta urtts.

MERTEAN: Dam’ right it is. T’ousand.

BEDIK: Urtts.  

MERTEAN: Aye. Wit’ m’spear.

BEDIK: An’ you don’t want any help?  

MERTEAN: What’d’ye mean?

BEDIK: No, I mean if I was there … I would .. y’know, I … I dunno, maybe I’d hold your coat or somethin’ (giggle)

MERTEAN: Pah! You’d be wit’ yer own folk – you won’ be in a Draconian comp’ny!

BEDIK: Sayin’ I’m not good enough?

MERTEAN: Nahnah – not sayin’ dat …

BEDIK: `Cause I’m … y’know, a knight.  

MERTEAN: Ye are.

BEDIK: I’m a Knight of Georg.

MERTEAN: Very d’stinguished, I’m sure.

BEDIK: I’m good enough for the damn king’s guard, I am.

MERTEAN: Well, who sez yer not?!

BEDIK: Well didn’t you just?

MERTEAN: I never! Dat’s buggersense!

BEDIK: I coulda sworn somebody said it … oh well. HEH! “buggersense!”  I like that one. Gotta remember that.