Rather have a bottle in front of me … Page 1106

TRANSCRIPT   MERTEAN: All righ’.  All righ’ Den … den I will kill a … a … BEDIK: A thousand? MERTEAN: Righ’ righ’.  I will kill a t’ousan’ Urtts.   BEDIK  All by yourself, right? MERTEAN: Ah-huh!  All by m’self! Top dat! BEDIK: Thass a lotta urtts. MERTEAN: Dam’ right it is. T’ousand. BEDIK: Urtts.   MERTEAN: Aye. Wit’ m’spear. BEDIK: An’ you don’t want any help?   MERTEAN: What’d’ye mean? BEDIK: No, I mean if I was there … I would .. y’know, I … I dunno, maybe I’d hold your coat or somethin’ (giggle) MERTEAN: Pah! You’d be wit’ yer own folk - you won’ be in a Draconian comp’ny! BEDIK: Sayin’ I’m not good enough? MERTEAN: Nahnah - not sayin’ dat … BEDIK: `Cause I’m … y’know, a knight.   MERTEAN: Ye are. BEDIK: I’m a Knight of Georg. MERTEAN: Very d’stinguished, I’m sure. BEDIK: I’m good enough for the damn king’s guard, I am. MERTEAN: Well, who sez yer not?! BEDIK: Well didn’t you just? MERTEAN: I never! Dat’s buggersense! BEDIK: I coulda sworn somebody said it … oh well. HEH! “buggersense!”  I like that one. Gotta remember that.

8 thoughts on “Rather have a bottle in front of me … Page 1106

  1. Nice cut to those two! I am wondering where this discussion is going to end… But it’s good to see some peace and quiet before all Hell break lose!

  2. Gods, these two. Humor and pathos twixt together.

  3. Good gad, JED, does anyone other than you or me remember that song??

  4. “You say “Toh-may-toh” and I say Toh-mah-toh… Let’s call the whole thing off.” – Cole Porter

  5. Those two. Each time they’re up I’m afraid they’re going to end up killing each other, and each time they defuse it. I love them.

  6. Drunk royal guards. Heh. This will end well.

  7. Bedik really makes me think about Benedict Cumberbatch, in panel 4.

  8. Than to have a Frontal-lobotomy….

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