UISSAN: That much, at least, Majesty, speaks well of your … intention.

IPOLA: I hope my actions will speak as fairly.

UISSAN: As do we all, Majesty.  Gen turan.

IPOLA: Gen turan.

MENTL: (troubled) The final solution …

ZONA: What?

MENTL: But … they really are evil, aren’t they?  We’ve been in their dungeons, we’ve seen what they do.

ZONA: Yes.  Yes, they are.

MENTL: All of them?  Every last one of them?  Even the kids?

ZONA: As far as I could ever find out.  I mean …

(pause. She’s not completely sure)  

ZONA: Gods, let’s just win first, okay?  That’s going to be hard enough.

MENTL: True.