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  1. For the way she tried to bully? More like she actually bullied.

    1. Yeah but he wasn’t having it.

      Warm regards,

      1. Indeed. And, well, the least we could say is that queen Ipola is quite eager to gather support, be it only logistical, for the oncoming war.

  2. That’s the best reaction I’ve ever been able to imagine to being told “We are your subjects.” I love these people.

    (Also, I almost approve the tags’ order of appearance. I’d put Love first.)

    1. Well, I usually just put the tags in the order I think of them. 🙂

      Warm regards,

      1. I’d refrained from commenting on the first panel, but I have to admit it sort of demands the order you used. Not that I’m complaining in any way, just being philosophical earlier.)

  3. Now comes the next big challenge.

    Getting this tribe to the theater of operations, a BIG logistical challenge for people of this technology level.

    1. That’s gonna be an interesting solution. Watch this space!

      Warm regards,

  4. Given how cold deserts are at night, I’m surprised she isn’t wearing something that covers more (but still clings like a second skin, because JED knows us).

    1. This was a case of – “Do I really want to deal with the cloth simulation room for this?” So I got a conforming garment that I could just work with.

      Warm regards,

  5. I guess da impressionable kiddies* who read the comic and all that, but I wouldn’t really expect Ipola to sleep wearing anything.

    *Ceiling Cat forbid they see an image of bare female breasts; they’d be scarred for life. Maybe next time JED can cover them with an exploding head, since that sort of thing is perfectly safe.

    1. No, that isn’t it, really. In fact, if you sign up as a a patron ( you can see one of the lighting tests for this scene I did with her in the raw. Not to mention that I have presented them both pretty creatively nude together the last time they were both in this room at night. And that was a factor in the choice – there’s a power thing in the image of a clothed man and nude woman that I didn’t want to do – seems a little unbalanced to my sensibilities.
      I try to keep the public-facing stuff at the PG13 rating. This allows me to keep the sexier stuff for my patrons and also makes sure that I don’t have to deal with certain kinds of foolishness.

      And yes, of course, as a culture we’re a lot more okay with blood and gore than a bare pair of nipples. It’s pretty stupid.

      Warm regards,

      1. That makes sense. Our sensibilities are not Erogenian sensibilities, i.e. we reflexively read something into nudity other than simple comfort.

        I suppose I’m still smarting from the problems Adam Black had/is having with his “Locus” series. His winged Lilitu race find it, due to anatomy—they have wings_to be more comfortable bare-chested than not, and Locus, a half-Lilitu trained in combat by her fullblooded aunt, tends to prefer to fight garbed similarly (also wearing high-heeled stacked boots to mimic Lilitu hooves) much like the old Celts. This, and not the copious gore in the series (“Locus” IS a horror comic, after all), makes sponsors shy away.

        If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a fantastic comic.

  6. now to make it work

  7. She obviously qualifies as a floatation device. OOH RAH! I don’t seem to recall any bullying.

    1. It started here:

      And the reckoning was around this page:

      Of course, Ipola “bullied” Zonn with words, which hits him harder than anything physical she could do (bar magic or gelding).

      1. Thank you for the information. I will go back and check it out. Sometimes the action doesn’t register deeply.

  8. Ipola is clearly relieved they will follow her. Now comes the next big thing! After all this is only one tiny step in the bigger picture of the war and balancing the cha.

  9. I was sitting here trying to figure out why Ipola was wearing that boob doily. It clearly provides ZERO support, and given the rest of her rainment at night, she’s also not trying to stay warm.

    Then I realized: Boob sweat. A constant problem for eregonian women.

  10. Alright, just wanted to point it out in case you have missed it (it’s easy to stare yourself blind on your own work), but the ‘seamline’ down Ipola’s body in panel 1 and 2 is really disturbing. Mostly in panel 1 where it’s very prominent. I guess something didn’t render right? *shrug*

    1. Good point. I hadn’t even noticed that (guess it shows what I was really looking at, ahem). That “fault line”, for want of more technical vocabulary, even goes right through her left wrist.

      And now that I’m checking it again, the left boob has a strange shadow that ends in a point without going anywhere. What happened?

    2. Damn you. I didn’t notice it, but now I can’t unsee it!

    3. Two things:
      One: No problem with the models or rendering. The issue is with the gobo I used for the lighting. The texture is not tiling correctly. It’s fixed in the next page. (And if you were a Patron on Patreon, you could see it right now!
      Two: I saw it, but didn’t think it was that big a deal at the time. That being said, a wise fellow creator once told me that these sort of little flaws are what give the readers something to chew on and discuss, so there are times I just leave them in to see if you all notice. 🙂

      Warm regards,


      1. One: thanks for teaching me a new word! Now I know what a gobo is. Which also led me to notice two joining shadows on Ipola’s right breast, that have no more business doing that than the pointy one on her left breast has being that way. I’d be grateful if you fixed that on this page, but that’s entirely up to you.
        Two: I see the wisdom in your fellow creator’s words, but then again we never seem to run out of stuff to chew on and discuss in this webcomic. (Which is meant in a good way. The best possible way, actually.)

  11. Does Ipola have make up on already?

    1. Yes.

      Rationalization#1: She was very tired and just flopped in bed for a quick nap that turned into hours of sleep without an evening toilet.
      Rationalization#2: She has a low-level spell that gives the effect of makeup without the messy daily application and removal.
      Rationalization#3: There is no rationalization#3. This is a fantasy. 🙂

      Warm regards,

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