BETHELA: Your Grace – someone coming.

YANORA: Must go now.  Lovely chatting. Tat-ta!   

YANORA:  Good evening, dear.  Come to stick pins in Mother again?

MALDIK:  Get me a drink.

BETHELA: Yes, your Highness.

YANORA: Yes, Bethela, I’ll have one, too.  Forgive me, Maldik, you’ve caught us a bit unprepared for company this evening, else I’d offer you something better than the dreadful wine they serve in this place.  I’ve complained to the innkeeper, but nothing is ever done about it.


YANORA: Not in a talkative mood, tonight, lamb?

MALDIK: You’re … you’re just loving it, aren’t you?

YANORA: You’ll have to be a bit more specific, darling.