“M” is for the many things …” – Page 1125

TRANSCRIPT: BETHELA: Your Grace - someone coming. YANORA: Must go now.  Lovely chatting. Tat-ta!    YANORA:  Good evening, dear.  Come to stick pins in Mother again? MALDIK:  Get me a drink. BETHELA: Yes, your Highness. YANORA: Yes, Bethela, I’ll have one, too.  Forgive me, Maldik, you’ve caught us a bit unprepared for company this evening, else I’d offer you something better than the dreadful wine they serve in this place.  I’ve complained to the innkeeper, but nothing is ever done about it. PAUSE YANORA: Not in a talkative mood, tonight, lamb? MALDIK: You’re … you’re just loving it, aren’t you? YANORA: You’ll have to be a bit more specific, darling.

15 thoughts on ““M” is for the many things …” – Page 1125

  1. … Yanora is playing her usual repertoire, but by panel 6 she has noticed something is off.

    But panel 8 shows she can hardly suppress her own banter. Hopefully she’ll let him have his say without ruining the moment. (After all, he’s so liable to ruin it himself, I don’t know, by blurting out that he’ll reform if she’ll have Tula marry him. I mean, it’s been considered, but he mustn’t be a lout about it.)

    1. Tula made it clear that she’s less interested in marrying him than in befriending him. She had it right: he needs a FRIEND, more than anything.

  2. Don’t tell me his one remaining brain cell finally fired up and he’s going to ask for help?!?!?

  3. Who’s a boy gonna talk to if not to his mother?
    Well, his father, of course. Or his siblings. 🙂

    The problem is, in Maldik’s case, his old man was already a goner quite so time ago.
    And his bro’s away to war.

    1. If this family is really modeled off of Henry II and his lot, then talking to Daddy gets you chucked in a cell. There are reasons all of his sons tried to kill him more than thrice.

      1. More than three times?! Golly! What manner of a dysfunctional family was that!

  4. I have a feeling this won’t go well…

    But: be more or less specific, Maldik. It’s important.

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot: who else feels Joaquin Phoenix has just been hired to play Maldik?

  6. I… honestly can’t blame him if he chooses not to ask her for help. Yanora has been so consistently NASTY to him, with her verbal barbs and put downs… she’s been legitimately emotionally abusive towards at LEAST one of her two sons – and the other one has been off committing war crimes in another country, so that really tells you a lot about her parenting skills.

  7. Is she enjoying it? No.

    She doesn’t like being cooped up in a cell (even though she does know the way out, she can’t admit that, which means she needs to stay).
    She doesn’t like getting poisoned.
    She doesn’t like that her son is being manipulated.
    She doesn’t like that her son is failing horribly.

    Is she letting it break her facade and prevent her from doing what she believes needs to be done? Also no. But she isn’t enjoying it, even though many folks can’t tell.

  8. Nobody makes this remark. Alrighty, then. I’ll have to do it.
    Holy Pete! Look at Betheda’s bajoongas! :-O They are enormous!

  9. *I mean Bethela. D’oh!

  10. Good catch – is she Erogenian?

    1. Maybe. Or she’s just an extremely well-endowed Kivalian, like queen Yanora. 🙂

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