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  1. Maldik seems to be intensely thinking things over.

    1. More like fuming at how much his life sucks. Self inflicted misery there, boyo.

    2. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but for the first time his look makes me worried…

      1. Now that you mention it, Phoebe, his expression is indeed unsettling.

      2. I for one do feel hopeful at this.

  2. Well, who else but mom? He doesn’t exactly have any friends or confidentaries, so family will have to suffice.

    1. Fair enough.

  3. I think we’re going to see Maldik try to turn over a new leaf, the way he tried when he sent his bedwarmer away. I’m pretty certain he’ll do so in the most ham-handed way possible, but I suspect we’re going to see him try to do the right thing.

    1. I remember that. Prince Maldik was quite clumsy, but he indeed tried to do something good indeed.
      As if he somehow knew it had to be done, but without knowing how to behave properly about it.

    2. I don’t think he’s wanting to “turn over a new leaf”, so much as “get out from under”. Even he has managed to figure out that while he reigns, he does not rule and that ultimately he’s easily replaceable if he tries anything. Right now he needs good advice from someone clever, politically astute and most importantly, might be willing to work towards a goal where he stays alive. And right at this moment, Mummy seems to be about the only choice.

    3. That is certainly a possibility. But Yanora could botch it by trying to be too clever. Or even if Yanora doesn’t botch it, Maldik might decide to own being the bad guy. I don’t think he will do well as an intentional bad guy, but he certainly could make a major mess of things for our heroes.

      Worst possible outcome in the next strip is he barges into mommy’s room just in time to see she was having a ring conversation with Tula. Yes, I know Tula hasn’t been shown as having a ring, but she’d be a logical person to now give one if one is available for her. She is Ipola’s heir after all.

      1. Tula sent a hawk to tell Ipola about the Sun tribe, so we know that before the Queen’s arrival she didn’t have one. I think we can fairly safely assume that Ipola didn’t give her one afterwards since the artifacts are “few and precious” ( https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/chapter-86-decisions-2/well-isnt-this-nice-page-1119/ ) and if she didn’t feel that she really needed to keep in touch with Tula then, I don’t really see what has changed now.

  4. As has been indicated above…Methinks that he is seriously considering the way things are heading and possibly looking for an exit strategy. I gotta say the previous couple of pages were particularly cringe-worthy for me (and several other folks) for many of the reasons that have already been discussed, but consider…
    1) Maldik is not an idiot as has been suggested, but a very broken and angry teenager in an adult body. A lot of Kylo-ren there without the Force. He wants above all to be respected, but will settle for being in power/control…however…
    2) The “fantasy” of having power and control may be losing its grip on him. The bishop has made it clear that he will be the “power” behind the throne through his daughter (and her response after Maldik left, confirms that her part in this is equally forced).
    3) IF Yanora (a big if here) can hold back from her typical verbal jousting…she could possibly shift his path…maybe not back to the side of heroes, but at least help provide him an alternative to the one he is on. The damage is pretty deep with them and I don’t think they will be able to fix this one the way Ipola has with her daughters and Michael. Not sure the folks in Normos have the cultural mechanisms to do so.

  5. Maldik should also be careful because if he gets her pregnant, he becomes instantly expendable. A regency is even easier to control than a wayward prince. Of course, a later miscarriage of justice will throw the entire succession into question making the land of Normos easy pickings for the Ureter.

  6. No, if he gets her pregnant, and then marries her, making the child legitimate, he becomes expendable.
    If he just gets her pregnant, and buys her a house somewhere to raise his little bastard, the child won’t be recognized.

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