PAUSE.  Zona and Pontagar eye each other.  

PONTAGAR: You got what you went for.  He’s here, now. And … I saw some of what he can do.  (To Mentl)

PONTAGAR: So – you’re going to fight for us?  Use your magick?

MENTL: Yeah.

PONTAGAR: You can kill an ogre and you can dig a hole in the ground. Can you kill a dragon?

MENTL: (thinks)  Yeah. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can.

PONTAGAR: Good.  Because if you can’t, then you won’t be any special use.  And the warriors we lost because Zona was gone will have bought us just one more little magicker with their lives.

ZONA: Pontagar …

MENTL: No, he’s right.

: That’s why you guys came after me.  That’s what Erogenia needs. That’s what The Book said.  And now that I’m here after going home, after training there and all –  I can feel it. It’s … really sometimes like it’s hard to even keep it under control.  What did Tula say – A “walking earthquake”, or something? Well, that’s what my job is now.  So point me where you need me. I’ll do the magick.