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TRANSCRIPT:   ZONA: That is *not* the reason we came after you.  The reason … I … came after you. TULA: There was more than one reason. More than one purpose in our actions.  Not all of it is under our control. But you are here. Zona and you are together. And that is a powerful good, not just for you two. PONTAGAR: And that? (pointing at the torc) ZONA: Mentl is my silver-bonded and a member of our tribe. PONTAGAR: Charming. MENTL: You got a problem with that, Big Red? PONTAGAR: (shrugs) If I do or don’t, what does it matter to you?  Just kill a dragon, little man, and this I swear - any problems I ever had with you will go away.  Gen venon co Eroghen.   Welcome to the tribes of Erogenia. ZONA: I’m proud of you, Pontagar.  You’ve learned some rudimentary manners. PONTAGAR: Hmf! ZONA: But we also have some important news.  From my mother. (Pontagar and Rannik’sears prick up) ZONA: And also from my father. (Pontagar and Rannik: “WHAAAA?”)

16 thoughts on “Changes – Page 1153

  1. Yeaaaaaaaaah

  2. Yay, Zona! You found a way to fuck with Pontagar that doesn’t involve punching him in the face!!!

    1. The guy lost literally dozens of comrades while Zona was off bringing Mentl the Big Gun back. He’s actually being extremely cool about the whole situation.

  3. please stand by while everyone finds and recovers their dropped jaws

    1. When they hear about what happened to queen Ipola after she took off, they will be in for another seriously down moment, though. :-S

  4. Pontagar: a little more “holy”, a little less ass.

  5. Gasp! Hit the drama button!

  6. That’s a new way of digging holes. Hope they didn’t hurt their chins.

  7. From Pontagar’s viewpoint (since _we_ were there for it)….


    Aw, Archone beat me to it….

  8. I’m a bit disappointed in the “little man”. He really should have responded, “You mean–another one?” 😀 😀 😀

    1. I don’t think the thing in the desert was a dragon.
      I don’t think Mentl thinks so either.

      1. It was still a bloody big thing. So maybe Michael thinks he will be able to off a dragon like he offed that desert thing.

  9. Hehe. Those expressions made me laugh. Zona and Co. certainly gets around.

  10. “If I do or don’t, what does it matter to you?”

    Nice sass from prince Pontagar.

  11. Any bets on whether Zona enjoyed dropping the bomb like that?

    1. Judging from her smile and slight pause, I think she does. :-3

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