KOR LACHNIS: <Thou canst not imagine ->

IPOLA: <Oh, yes I can.  I have a very active imagination, and I’ve also had a very big library of very old books and a lot of time to read.  I know who you are, Kor Lachnis, by the markings on your face if nothing more. After the Fall, your body was never found, and many deduced that you had had yourself put into a cold sleep, because – of course you did. I guess you couldn’t bear to face the defeat of your precious Shuach at the hands of a pair of real goddesses. And now, thanks to this lickspittle Urtt, no doubt, you’ve returned to, apparently, bore me to death.>

KOR LACHNIS: <Ah well, we shall strive to make things more entertaining for thee, then, shall we?  It is true, Owner Gorshash, that here in God’s holy place, her powers are moot?>

GORSHASH: <Indeed, lord.  <Nevertheless, we must keep her chained. These Erogenians are extremely resourceful and dangerous. >

KOR LACHNIS: <And so we shall.  Shall we have her scourged? Would it please thee to see it?>

IPOLA: <Of course it would, since he’s probably just as banal as you are.  It’s all right, Gorshash, enjoy yourself. Maybe your Erogenian master will even give you permission to masturbate while watching.>