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  1. Ab-so-LUTE-ly amazing. You go girl!

  2. Daaaaaammmn….and that is all I need to say. =D

  3. JED’s likely to kill me, but I just couldn’t resist…
    Link to Spike Jones’ version of “My Old Flame”:

  4. As I said on Patreon yesterday:

    If anyone wonders where the “boom ta-tata” is coming from, well – you know I often take inspiration from existing songs and music. The accompanying soundtrack to this particular First Dance is here:

    Warm regards,


    1. Hi Jed.

      Having read it over a few times I still can’t figure out the rhythm. It is 3/4? 3/3? The BOOM TA-TATA, BOOM-TATA is hard to decifer rhythmically. Inquiring mind needs to know.

      1. Well, the inspiration, which he linked a youtube recording for, is 4/4.

  5. Yup… Menti called it a long time ago.

    What a MILF!!!

  6. All I can think of that comes to mind is the last verse of that Rolling Stones song “Start Me Up”. Which… er… Is just a bit NSFW. 😀

    1. Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” official promo:

  7. The comment-function of this site seems to be out of order, since last update ?

    1. I had an issue using the back and forth buttons myself a few days back, now it works…

  8. Superb.

    Also, It seems that Sun tribespeople dance a less ritualized version of First Dance, seeing as how most people have poses different from Ipola’s. (As opposed to the precise synchronisation we saw there: , thanks Jean for the links in the comments for the previous page.)

    Which is consistent with the more freeform approach of women or men dancing. By the way, I’m not sure if I should be surprised that neither Tula nor Chera are dancing for each other. I know they’ve already have sex together, but somehow I feel it might have been appropriate nonetheless.

    Last but not least, this “My old flame…” quote is beautiful.

    1. First Dance in more a thing of personal expression. The Moon Tribe seems to start off with a set pattern, but it quickly diverged from that.

      1. Noted. Thanks!

  9. I don’t know what the problem was but I was unable to post a comment yesterday.

  10. I wonder what would happen if Ipola and Zonn got chains? And what color they would go for. They are, after all, leaders of their respective tribes and have a lot of responsibility to them.

    Very nice page. 🙂

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