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  1. Panel 3 I think is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen Ipola. Even including in her youth. She has confidence and the sparkle of happiness in her eyes – presumably not just because she has just seen Zonn holding a drum, but also that the passing years have given her that confidence.

  2. That is the most deliberate yet simultaneously NON-gratuitous T&A shot (in panel 1), absolutely 100% justified T&A twist (one that that even the Hawkeye Initiative couldn’t dare touch, never mind all of…okay, MOST of Robin/Nightwing’s T&A poses; he had an awful lot) that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing…and on a woman well over 40 years old, proving that MILFs are indeed Magnificent Impressive Lady Friends!

    …AND it comes with a huge slab of beefcake hard-cut enough to scrub all my lingerie upon!

    I love you, JED!
    (Nothing personal, but I am such a happy bi right now… *ahem*)

    1. I fully agree. A T&A shot done right and with beefcake for dessert. Not complaining here. Not at all. 😀

  3. For anyone who wants a -short- Archive dive (warning: you may get sucked in!) here are some previous points of interest in this journey:

    Zona searching for her First Dance bells: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/much-rejoicing/page-347/

    Mentl learns about First Dance & sibling-bonds with Tula: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/much-rejoicing/page-350/

    Lining Up for First Dance: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/much-rejoicing/pg354teaser/

    If you read past the point where Maldik shows up…you’re on your own; I never handed you these links.

  4. Ah yes. Time to earn back some favor.

  5. Did that expression “goja tan” come up before ?
    No luck with google…

    1. Yes – Ipola used it to start First Dance. No idea what it means, but it seems to mark the beginning of the dance.

  6. Nice booms. Nice tatas.

    1. Very.
      *sage nod*

    2. Interestingly enough (thanks for the links, Jean), the rhythm for First Dance seems to differ between Sun tribe and Moon tribe. Anybody up to guess what meaning it may have?

      1. its said the dance as a magic of its own and mentl even mentions just blending the other time we see the dance. odds are the music just flows from the mood of the event more so than is a set music for each dance.

  7. Show of hands: who else read that last panel “BOOBS TA-TATA BOOBS-TATA”?

    Also, that’s a mighty large drum Zonn carries…

    Leaving aside ribaldry for a moment, I do so love Mentl’s body language in the second panel.

    And yeah, Zonn gets it quite quick now that it’s been explained. Go lovers!

    /lifting my herbal tea cup in honor of the coming dance

  8. The night is going to be hot!
    I love those two. It’s good to see them like that. I really love the interaction between Zonn and Ipola. It’s amusing to as Ipola has always been the calculating, thinking, calm queen, the one making the hard decision while Zonn was the hot headed one.
    in a small way, the roles are reversed, it’s nice.

    On the other hand, I wonder if seeing Ipola, Queen of all Erogenia doing First Dance, as all of them, will not be good also for the moral of the Sun tribe. To feel part, again, of the Erogenian family.

    1. Ooooh… good point, copine. Ipola’s certainly canny enough to have included that in her strategy.

      And indeed, it may have done Zonn some good to have to be the responsible one. Another good point.

  9. Zonn… is a little dense at times. Lovely, beautifully done, a compliment to all older – er – mature women. Thanks, JED.

  10. and the eternal dance begins again

  11. I think that a very personal way of “balancing the cha” is in the works… =D Also…agree very much with EmmaC…Ipola First dancing works on several levels of healing/re-connection.

  12. Once again proving yourself as the master of facial expressions, Jed.

    Beautifully done! One can definitely tell they’re flirting here!

  13. You can take the girl out of the dance, but you can’t take the dance out of the girl. Great and looking forward to more dance, dance, dance.

  14. At the rate this storyline is going, Zona’s gonna have a new little brother or sister… and wouldn’t that be awesome? 🙂

    1. IIRC, Ipola’s well in her fourties. So not likely. Also this is a story so unless it has meaning for the story it won’t happen either.

  15. Question for the room?

    Am I the only one who took a long look at panel one to see an elbow?
    Just asking…

  16. I have trouble with the link for the next page. It’s there, but can’t be accessed.

    1. Fixed.

      Warm regards,


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