Happening Fast – Page 1253

9 thoughts on “Happening Fast – Page 1253

  1. Doli, Yrina, Orlic, and now Kalana are goners?
    I want to object to something, but I’m kind of bummed out at the moment. 🙁

  2. What’s up with all these “Notices” that are appearing, both above and below the panels?

    1. My guess is that it’s a bug in the new update of the Toocheke theme I use. They just updated it automatically and boom – this crap starts appearing. I’m not doing anything differently.


      1. Roger That.

  3. “Ooh! I bet that smarts!” Larry Verne, from “Please, Mr. Custer”

  4. Feels like the whole battle was a trap.

  5. Gone today, so there’s that.

  6. I object to the bug appearing again!

    There. I objected. I feel much better now. 🙂

  7. Our favorite villain is back! Let the hate flow!

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