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  1. Poor Lion Cub. Then again, Tula is so patient with her. Does anyone else feel she looks a bit like a redheaded Mélanie Laurent in panel four? (She played the French policewoman in Now You See Me, the movie theater operator in Paris in Inglourious Basterds, and a host of other roles in French films.) Anyway, I love the ever-present sweetness between both sisters. They’re so great together.

    It would be nice if while Mentl is leveling up under Vito’s guidance, he found out a way to let Tula know about his making the best of his time off.

    Also, I like that Tor comes to ask about Mentl since he never met him before. Of course he was wounded while counter-attacking an assault on his lands, but that’s still nice from the king.

  2. Oh, and I forgot: very nice contrast between the title of this page and that of the news post.

  3. Ha ha! I see what you D&did there!

  4. As the man said, “The waiting is the hardest part…”

  5. Oh, poor Zona. She worries so much. But hopefully Mentl will soon be back on his feet and ready to kick ass.

  6. I actually worked under the assumption the king might be looking for the women, and is just politely asking after Mentl before he talks to them about what his real reason for stopping in. Also, he could be looking for an asset, after Ipola spoke of him being counted on as a big asset.

  7. @Ed
    So you mean that king Tor might be actually asking the ladies how they are faring, right?

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