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  1. The diversity of the points of view is beautiful here. Not only are they varied, they are perfectly in character for each of the three conscious persons present.

    I can but disagree with Zona: Tor isn’t speaking as if Mentl was dead, he is speaking as if he wasn’t able to speak — which he isn’t. But as I said, it’s in character for her to react accordingly to what may be her greatest fear.

    Also, I don’t often comment on the composition of the panels, but truly it’s a work of art in and of itself. General view, same from an opposite point, then face-to-face close-ups, then a little lean out, again with opposite cameras… It really drives the story forward.

  2. JED, with this art update I feel like the main casts’ looks got away a bit, with Zona Tula and Queen herself suffering the most. In my opinion the biggest offender seems to be the chin and jawline (and their sheer size). On a handful of shots from some angles (this page panel 5(still the chin)) , Zona looks relatively fine, but she and her family need help 🙂

    I feel like you need to point your attention to this because with it being so hollowed she does not look good, (panel 3 being the most egregious example(6 also very bad)) and I am very much invested in this world.
    Why not make her look more womanly, less GigaChad meme. She can be amazonian everywhere else.
    I realise you needed to make the models for the animation work and other stuff, but all 3 girls looked better before I feel. Some of the characters are spectacular, like our Bull or Willem himself, but our main cast deserves to be the first. (saying all this I realise I have no idea how to create an entirely new and unique facial structure and rig it and make it look good instead of just working from existing photo/video/3d models and converting those)

    Please dont take this as ranting or something negative, I have loved your story and Zona was one of the first webcomics that got me into the genre alongside TMI back in 2005-6 when I first got onto the internet.

  3. I have to agree. I’ve been following the comic on and off for years, but something seems to have been lost when it comes to the ladies of Zona’s family. I can’t pin it down exactly, but it seems like the lower half of their face has been lengthened and made even more prominent (and those ladies had prominent jaws already) it also seems as though their noses are shorter, or more upturned, or both. But that’s just a quick guess based on looking at the early images of Zona and comparing them, so I could be off base on what exactly is going on. It’s a tough thing I’d guess to match across programs and versions for characters that have been going so long, but mostly everyone else looks good, these faces look…odd compared to their previous incarnations. It’s kind of distracting.

    Not to pick on you or anything, but it is something I’ve been noticing.

  4. These are the same designs for the royal family that I have been using since December of 2021. Seriously. The G8F version of Zona was introduced here:
    Tula G8F was introduced here, in January 2022:
    Zona and Ipola’s G8F that we are still using today and in the latest page was introduced in February of 2022 here:
    There may have been a few minor tweaks going from G8F to G8.1F, but the basic shape of the face is identical.

    For the rest, I refer you to my FAQ:

    Warm regards,

    1. I realise this has been changed a long time ago, but as the examples weren’t that bad it only built up bit by bit. The 3rd panel has been the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back and I finally posted. I did scroll back quite a bit to remind myself of their faces in several epochs of the story.

      Yes the overall art quality went up by a ton since before 2022, but also yes, our main cast was way hotter before 😀 (maybe just play around with them a bit to see if you find another setup you like too?)

      I, of course, remain enslaved to your story, eagerly awaiting new pages. Cheers 🙂

    2. Before I posted for the first time I did refresh my memory of the characters way back in timeline. The 3rd panel was just the proverbial straw on the camel’s back that made me post my disagreement, I still think the main cast of girls used to be way hotter.

      I also realise the overall quality of the comic is a ton better with more detailed models and way more detail overall, I have a gripe only with some faces, and though I hope you will play around and make changes, it’s naturally completely up to you.

      Love your comic and am looking forward to more pages regardless 🙂

  5. Ahahah, there’s little sis using that tone and voice, “Zo Naa…”

    As for important stuff, sending prayers, positive waves and good thoughts in your direction hoping for a great recovery. The wife and I got one of those life line screenings a month were the check for arterial gung-ho, aneurysms and other stuff. Figured at 69 it was about time but really should have done it long ago. Good news we got a clean bill of health. Highly recommend to get this done if anyone is getting “up there” in years.

    Be well.

  6. I think it’s mostly the lack of color in their lips that’s making their lower faces look strange here. Their lips are almost the same color as their general skin tone so they kinda mesh together.
    But yes, I haven’t gotten used to the new models yet either. Still a great story though.

  7. “But as I said, it’s in character for her to react accordingly to what may be her greatest fear. ”
    Greater than letting a mortal threat to her country and to several worlds go unchecked for nearly a month?

    She’s reacting in a very emotional way here. Can’t say it’s not understandable, but now’s not the time to let emotions get the better of her. And from what I remember king Tor for, he won’t have any qualms into reminding her that. He might not be blunt, but he will be straightforward.

  8. My “read” on Tor is that he’s always blunt, but he’s more likely to “season” his bluntness with diplomacy when speaking to a woman…
    …a man (or a warrior of either gender) might get more of his diplomacy if he respects them, & they’d get far less if he believes that they’ve disrespected him.

  9. @DMC_Run
    Eh, fair enough.

  10. I think one reason the lower jaw and chin seem so prominent here is due to the close up and angle. I think it is just one of those shots where something stands out more than usual.

  11. Ah, yes, there’s that, too. And at least Tula’s cheekbones seems just a tad less pronounced, so when you put those small changes together they feel big.

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