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12 thoughts on “Interrupted again – Page 1053

  1. Always at the sweet moments does an imperative of duty call you away.

    That is what having a duty means.

    May its outcome be both sweet and blessed.

  2. Calling it. Mentyl out heals healer lady because hey, turns out enchanter with some study is a fairly godlike being heyo.

    1. Calling it: Mentyl out-heals the healer lady merely because he has some first-aid knowledge from Earth.

  3. Oh, well, I hope they had a fun night, because work calls. I wonder if Mentl and Tula have readjusted enough to control their magick properly? They’ve been in this dimension again for some days now.

  4. I’m thinking the child might need the heimlich maneuver. I don’t see any bruises or bleeding on the kid.
    If that is the case then I see Mentyl pulling it off, if only because he is closer.
    Just my guess.

    1. Given the bandage wrapped around the foot, my first guess is ‘snake bite’.

  5. cue record scratch.

  6. Ahhh, conflicting duties…

    Still, given how much time has elapsed since they started making out, I guess they can live with the frustration. (And make up for it later.)

    I hope the kid turns out all right. (Mentl has proved to know at least one Queen song, so maybe he could try Brian May’s “Resurrection” if not… After all, he seems to have his own magic down pat, as the Sudrac would attest.)

    1. Maybe also “Bring me to life”, by Evanescence.
      Even though this isn’t exactly as Rock ‘N’ Roll as what we’ve heard from most of Michael repertoire.

  7. That darn song has been stuck in my head all week and it’s all your fault.

  8. I wonder how often this happens to Chera. It’s a good thing they seem to be a small settlement otherwise she might have nothing in her life other than being the village’s healbot.

  9. Whatever happens, I sort of hope we get a segue back to some of the last people who had to deal with animal bites in this story. It’s been too long since we’ve seen any of them and I don’t think their stories are done yet. (Though they may not impact the main story any further either, in which case I’ll regretfully understand if we never get back to them.)

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