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  1. Life is harsh for the sun tribe. Incidentally, did you know that worldwide, an estimated 20,000 – 100,000 people a year die of snakebite? (Estimates vary for a number of reasons It’s actually much more common than you’d think, especially for kids (for whom a lower dose of venom is generally lethal than for an adult :-S ).

    1. Thanks for the fact, Paddy. 🙂

  2. Please, PLEASE, don’t let Mentl be really friggin’ stupid and try to bring this kid back from the dead!

    1. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of right-hearted stupid, so long as you’re sure that what you bring back is the same as what left.

  3. Is there a song about Summerland — the one in California, just east of Santa Barbara, where the first offshore oil well in the US got drilled? It’s about 150 miles west of San ‘Berdoo via the 210/134/101.

    1. Are those the song’s lyrics? They’re not very catchy.

  4. @forklifter16: yes, exactly my thought. I hope he won’t try anything. Perhaps a beautiful song to ease the pain or to help with the passing but please…
    I don’t think that’s something the Erogenian would appreciate, I don’t think it’s very ‘cha balancing’.
    Let’s wait and see.

  5. forklifter16 and EmmaC: same here. I could picture him trying a song along the lines of Brian May’s “Resurrection” and both priestesses stopping him with a panicked, magical attack, starting a huge falling-out where Mentl would slowly but surely turn into a know-better magical despot not unlike the Erogenians of old. I hope that’s not the path this story is going to take. Still, either way we’re in for a heckuva ride.

    Oh, and I didn’t notice at first read that Tula was wearing Chera’s poncho (for want of a better word in my vocabulary).

  6. well I was wrong about the choking but I’m still thinking it isn’t too late. The boy might not be dead but “mostly Dead” which as we all know is “slightly alive”.
    The priestesses might be saying it is too late for anything they can do. But if the boy still has a slight pulse there might be a way for mentyl to neutralize the poison in time for Chera or Tula to heal any damage the poison did. I notice the boy appears to be crying, a corpse wouldn’t do that.
    Just hoping…

    1. I was thinking along the same lines. Perhaps he stopped breathing just as the priestess got there?

      1. The eyes have rolled backwards in the head. This child is not looking up. This child is pining for the fjords.

        1. He’s just resting!

  7. Worst case fantasy trope would be Mentl trying to bring the kid back but ending up with Shuach in Lusik’s body. I don’t think JED’s planning on going there, at least not yet. More likely would be a segue back to the Fox tribe family as I mentioned last post or using it as inspiration to get the Sun Tribe back to Erogenia.

  8. This reminds me of when Rand Al Thor tried to bring a child back to life who was killed by monsters early in the wheel of time series. He was so tired of death and he was powerful w/o understanding his limitations. he forced her heart to pump and her lungs to work to get up,… it was a horror show on paper because you felt for him.

  9. How about our reptilian friend to intervene ? He should know what to do. He’s also been in the character list though barely visible for the last few pages… That would further seal his and his tribe’s reputation with our traveling friends.

  10. Yeah, I can see Mentl trying to resurrect the kid – ’cause he stand stand to see either a dead child or his mother crying over it – and things Going Badly Wrong somehow.

  11. I’m gonna disagree about Mentl rezzing the kid. Mentl has been STUDYING magick, people. These kind of cautionary tales are all over our popular literature & sprinkled throughout movies! They’re in the various tomes about magick in San Berdoo Earth! Surely he’s not gonna be that much of a schmuck…!

  12. So Baltak (or is it Bartak?) is the young father or older brother, and Lusik is the dead boy.
    Well, talk about a short screen time. :-S

  13. If Mentl’s smart, he’ll check for signs of a pulse or breathing before he sings anything. Then when he does sing, it should be a “going away” song, not a “wake up” song, to ease the mother’s pains.

    Now if he does find a pulse and breathing (boy’s still got mucus running out his nose), Mentl could try something to “wake the kid up”, but that SHOULD be after taking precautions should the kid react “poorly.”

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