Just Wouldn’t Listen – Page 1163

TRANSCRIPT IPOLA: <What’s your name?> ESHTAKK: <I’m gonna … do you. > IPOLA: <Well … Let’s hope we can find an alternative to raping me, shall we? What do they call you?> ESHTAKK: <You can call me “Owner.”> PANEL 2 IPOLA NARR: Ah, so that’s how you want it, eh?  IPOLA:  <I will not call you “owner.”  If any is Owner, then it is Kor Lachnis, am I right? He gives the orders here, not you.> ESHTAK:: <All I have to do is not cut you or break you - but I can hurt! You call me what I say!> PANEL 3 IPOLA: <Please, don’t do this.  You can …> ESHTAK: <Heh! You’re going to beg?  I like it when they beg …> PANEL 4 IPOLA:  < Please don’t..> ESHTAKK: <I’ll stop your mouth!>   PANEL 5 He forces himself on her and forces her mouth open.  He snakes his tongue deep into her mouth She BITES on the tongue and with a vicious sideways movement of her head, RIPS it from him.  

40 thoughts on “Just Wouldn’t Listen – Page 1163

  1. Uh! Nasty! I bet he didn’t like *that*.

  2. What’s the matter Eshtakk? Cat got your tongue?

    1. This comment needs an upvote button.

  3. As Larry and Moe (the two Urtt guys dispatched by Yatta-Ta before reaching the Erogenian hideout),
    “Yeah. That’s gonna leave a mark.”

  4. ..apparently Zona didn’t get ALL her strength from her father. That took some serious neck muscle, there.

    1. She’s also pissed. That helps the mayhem.

  5. Ow Ow Ow, Freakin’ OW!

  6. People die from an injury like that. They choke to death on the blood.

    1. Considering that he “likes it when they beg?” I’m not too bothered by that.

      1. “Considering that he “likes it when they beg?” ”

        Yes. In that context, it does not bode well at all for his previous activites entailed. :-S

  7. Let’s just say it’s probably a bad idea to attempt fellatio at this point…

    1. Quite so. :-S

  8. Just how thoroughly is she bound?
    If she’s not wearing any leg-or-ankle restraints, then I predict he’s due for a very ugly death, indeed!

    1. Maybe so, but she’ll still have to work something to get the keys at the man’s belt, find and use the right one, free herself, and get the hell out of dodge.

      1. [Reservist]:
        Well, based on the assumption that her feet ARE free, she could kill with a well-placed kick-or-2, then get his keys with her toes.

        1. Indeed. But then, she’d have to manipulate the keys with her feet and work them higher than her head to get them close enough so her hand could grab the keys.

          No menial feat in terms of suppleness, even moreso when you’re nearing fifty years old, fighting fit or not.

          I am really curious about what will happen next. 🙂

        2. [Reservist]:
          As for me, I’d pictured her just tossing the keys into the air, from her toes to her hands.
          Another possibility is, perhaps “KL” is only PRETENDING to be overconfident, & watching remotely, to study how she manages to free herself.
          After all, her ring is powered by “non-Shuach” magic, & yet it STIILL functions within the temple.
          What OTHER tricks might she still reveal?
          Speculation is All-Well-&-Good-&-Fun-&-Games, but I’m looking forward to seeing how the Esteemed Author chooses to resolve this situation.

  9. This page should be shown to all young ladies to get them thinking about what to do if some dude insists that no means yes.

    1. A good old kick or knee in the bollocks also works wonders, if delivered as swiftly as accurately.

    2. While I applaud your enthusiasm, the most common response from a woman to a guy forcing himself on her is to freeze, since that is the response least likely to result in the woman’s death. And it’s not really something you can control either. You get accosted by someone stronger, you freeze. :/
      And yes, it sucks. (Mostly because of victim blaming ala ‘why didn’t you just fight back?’ Instinctive responses do whatever they want, not what you want).

      1. True, true. Getting in the right mindset to fight back someone way taller, heftier, and stronger, is no small matter.

  10. Let’s hope Kor and Goshash are far enough away by now to not hear his screams of pain.

    1. Did you mispronounce “howls of rage”?

      1. Considering the injury in question . . .”gurgles of impotence” or “chocking noises of suffocation” might be better descriptions.

  11. Damn… here I was hoping he was smarter and less vile than that. But… then again, he’s someone that Gorshash decided was worth having as a personal slave…

  12. The measure of who Ippola: she gave him a chance. Four chances, in fact.

    If you imagine his life, I’m sure it’s sad as hell. I’m sure she knows that. She tried to fan any residue of humanity into a flame, and failed. Om tare tuttare ture soha… and time to go.

    1. “Om tare tuttare ture soha”

      What language is this, and what does that mean, please?

      1. *what does it

      2. It’s a Hindi chant in praise of Tare (pronounced “TAH-ray”).

        1. Ah ok. Thank you for the information, Brother. 🙂

      3. Oberoten’s link is correct. In more vernacular form, it’s used for asking Green Tara the Buddha of compassion to kindly save your ass. Though it’s Buddhism, so you’re really responsible for saving your own ass while walking the path.

        I thought it was a good summation of where Ippola was at.

  13. Does this guy have a spell for regeneration? He’s gonna need it.

    Not like I’m rooting for him. He deserves every bit of pain he receives. But JD is not Ruin Johnson by any stretch. A good villain needs to stick around until a proper denouement, not get “Snoked”. 😀

  14. This poor guy is not a “good villain”. He’s a red-shirt.

  15. Between this and that one guard I’m beginning to suspect this is the realm of very long tongues.

    1. Given that the folks shown with long tongues so far have all been human males, I suspect that the ancient Erogenian women also did some modifying to suit their own tastes.

  16. Whoops. I missed a page there and thought that was still the main bad guy.

  17. The best argument for a decision to NOT to stick anything important in an orfice that contains teeth…

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