Some People. Page 1164

TRANSCRIPT: Blood is pouring from Eshtakk’s mouth, he is gurgling and can’t speak, he begins to crumple to the ground, and as he does, Ipola expertly snags the key ring at his belt with her great toe and tosses it to her manacled hand.    She begins unlocking her chains.    IPOLA (NARR): Poor dumb bastard. I did try.  I even said “please …”

20 thoughts on “Some People. Page 1164

  1. First things first: unlock the shackles. then on with the torc.

    1. She did. That’s panel four.

  2. yeah. She ask nicelly first 😀

  3. Excellent footwork.

  4. And in some company, polite and two bucks gets you black coffee, maybe. The continuing idea on Shuach’s side of this dispute is that you climb by climbing over others and forcing them down. This makes it very difficult for even KL, maybe especially KL, to see that another may have climbed a different path, and be far more capable than anything he remembers. Gorshash should have at least palmed the keys from his property himself, having met this Lady before, but distraction by KL seems very overpowering.

  5. Welp, we’ll see how long this villain ball (from not having anybody else in the room) lasts. Will there be further guards to impede her progress, and will they at all make a difference on her way to escape?

    1. Yes, there will be guards.

      They will absolutely make a difference. Because of them, she’ll be armed, and covered in more other people’s blood.

  6. I thought she’d have troubles, but she did it. I sort of called it. :-3

  7. Woot! The urrts are right to fear Ipola; she’s a total badass. 😀 (I hope she makes it and isn’t just walking into another trap. Kor does seem overconfident enough that he would indeed underestimate Ipola’s strength).

  8. Well, can’t say I’m sorry for him. She really tried.

  9. So…
    …her feet WERE manacled, but his trauma was severe-enough that no further combat was needed.
    So I was half-right.
    We still have lots of worrisome possibilities to ponder, here.
    I guess that next we’ll see just how much of “KL’s” earlier complacency was genuine.
    Will she actually escape, or has “KL” been quietly watching this escape-attempt, studying her methods before he subdues her again?
    If she DOES succeed in getting away, would his “pet lizard” be stupid-enough to try saying to him, “I Told You So”?
    Perhaps “KL” will try to break her spirit, by repeatedly dangling freedom in front of her, then snatching it away?
    It could be as simple as the magical version of a “shock collar”, attuned to an invisible boundary, that zaps her if she tries to exit the temple.
    Then again, what if he magically “tagged” her with a passive spell, before she awoke? Then he might ALLOW her to escape, so that he could track her back to her home.
    I’d also worry that, if she impresses him with her intelligence, resolve & resourcefulness, he may just decide to keep her alive, as “breeding stock”.

    1. I think Gorshash is high enough in the hierarchy to afford say things like that to KL without risks for his life.

      After all, KL needs a top-brass henchman, and these don’t exactly come in large batches.
      G-lizard dude might be in for quite some pain, but I’m convinced KL would let him live.

      1. *to afford to say

  10. i bet KL planned that

    1. You may be right. Especially seeing as how the slave had keys on him for no reason whatsoever that I can see.

      1. Maybe the slave had keys because he was employed as prison warden/assistant torturer/executioner.

  11. If KL didn’t plan for Ipola to escape, how long before old Flame Head comes a knocking in the Otherwhen?

    Shuach: “Three thousand winters in the otherwhen under my care, 3000! And you’ve learned nothing! I am most displeased!”

    KL: (Gets roasted, literally) “GGGHGHGHGHGHYYYYAFAAFAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!”

  12. I am unclear on how having his tongue ripped out made him pass out? Sheer pain? Or did she manage to kick him somewhere in there and I can’t see it?

    Also he had it coming!!!

    1. From the gurgling and sizable pool of blood coming from his mouth, I’m going to guess he choked to death on his own blood. Really hamfisted since the whole bite-your-tongue suicide thing is a myth, more common in eastern fantasy than anything, but there it is. The tongue actually clots really quickly, which is why when you nick your tongue you get very little blood out of it. Rule of Cool applies though, being a comic.l

      1. Maybe he had a condition. A very specifically-localised condition. 😛

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