6 1494

The Urtt Throneroom.  The usual guards and hangers-on are in evidence. 

Suddenly a terrific EXPLOSION is heard, causing the room to shake. 




URTT GOON: <What the – >


URTT PRIEST MINOR: <That came from one of the lower levels!>


URTT HIGH PRIEST: <Gorshash’s workshop! Someone … needs to find out what happened!>


URTT PRIEST MINOR: <It might be dangerous… You should go, High Priest. >


URTT HIGH PRIEST: <Me?!  Whuh – why me?!>


URTT PRIEST MINOR: <You are senior to all but Gorshash now.  If he still lives.>


URTT HIGH PRIEST: <Ahmm … YOU!  Owner-Guard Leader! Take some Urtts and go investigate this disturbance!>


OWNER GUARD LEADER: <But – I’m supposed to stand here holdin’ my axe …>


URTT HIGH PRIEST: <Never mind the bloody axe! Go! Owner Of Owners might need help!>


OWNER GUARD LEADER: <Hey, it’s a sacred axe! It’s a big deal!>




OWNER GUARD LEADER: Awright, you Urtts, follow me. Let’s find out what the big fuckin’ noise was. >


URTT PRIEST MINOR: < Permit me to compliment you on your courage in leading from behind, High Priest.>


URTT HIGH PRIEST: < O get stuffed! If something happened that Gorshash can’t deal with, what do you expect us to do?  I don’t want to have my guts turned inside out as happened to the last High Priest.>

6 1494

Leading From Behind – Page 1205

6 thoughts on “Leading From Behind – Page 1205

  1. Well, there’s a very brave, sensible High Priest. 😛 Guess he might be more open to negotiations than Gorshash?

  2. Certain Urtts would fit in well in the culture of the Pierson’s Puppeteers.

  3. I don’t disagree that a relatively squishy priest should probably stand behind the big pike of ablative meat, if he wishes to continue BEING a functional(ish) priest.

  4. I understand why you might want the color scheme you used, JED, but that was incredibly difficult to read.

  5. My first thought was that “URTT PRIEST MINOR” saw this as an opportunity to trick “URTT HIGH PRIEST” into allowing him to “move up in the ranks”…
    … over his dead body.
    Just his bad luck that his boss was smart-enough to know better, & to prioritize his survival over his pride.

  6. 1st: JED I must concur with Joe, it makes sense but the color and font made the page very hard to read.
    2nd: I do not know what format this page uses now but commenting is a pain in the ass, this is a nice page and now has received 6 comments in two weeks.
    I still LOVE the comic but commenting should be easier.

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