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UrttSarge2 and Urtt Grunt are dragging Kor Lachnis’ naked corpse behind them to the midden.

GRUNT: <Meh - waste o’ good meat, ya ask me. >

SARGE: <Mebbe two weeks ago - ya wouldn’t wanna eat it now.>

GRUNT: <What I’m sayin’. Why leave it hung up for that long in th’ first place?>

SARGE: <Do I ask questions where Gorshash is concerned? Do I, eh? Hell, I’m just happy to be rid o’ the fuckin’ thing.> <Goddamn Erogenian trash, makin’ things all fucked up and pushin’ decent Urtts around and shit like that. Gorshash says “Put it on the midden heap” and yours truly just says “Yes, Owner, my pleasure to do!” >

GRUNT: <Whatever. Once it’s dumped, that leaves you and me out of it. >

SFX: Boooomm! The ground shakes.

GRUNT: <What the - Did you hear that?>

SARGE: <Yeah. Something’s fucked up. We need to get back, like soon.>

They leave. The ravens begin to feast on Kor Lachnis
7 2869

Supper Time! – Page 1204

7 thoughts on “Supper Time! – Page 1204

  1. What, we don’t get to see them pecking out an eyeball or helping of cheek? Lame. :p

  2. Well, well, well… have they just heard the ring exploding? My bet on that.

  3. I didn’t expect to see Kor Lachnis again; surprise. My guess is they will find their lair collapsed or at least part of it.

  4. @[Reservist]:
    Now that you mention it, that “Boom” **DID** have a familiar “ring” to it…
    #Not_The_Least_Bit_Sorry_For_That_Pun … 😉 … 🙂 … 😛 … 😀
    Still, I’m a bit uneasy about that final panel…
    …is there any possibility that “SHUACH” is (maybe) not yet ready to be finished with Kor Lachnis…?

  5. That poor bird is in terrible danger.

  6. Now, if only the villain who wasn’t shown to be killed would actually die and if the villain who was shown to be killed would stay dead, then we would have some progress. Cut off the head and burn the body.

  7. Bwahaha! Even the crows hesitate to eat ya, Kor. Shows what a piece of refuse ye are.

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