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  1. Annd we’re back!

    And now you see what the first Sun priestess in 3000 years can do.

    Warm regards,


    1. Very warm regards, in the case of the Sun priestess!

  2. Hmmmm! Chera does have a contribution to make! That seems to indicate that here the standard heroic character gets to be the largest moving piece of meat for the Sudrac to chase, …thus distracting it from the Suria priestess, who thus has time to stand still and make its day miserable. It is not a dishonorable job, but not what Zona was expecting. If these assumed to be lesser versions of dragons can be slowed down by Chera, then once Mentl gets himself straight with Teria’s magical environment again, perhaps he can do well against the dragons nest that Kor Lachnis has stirred up.

    1. “Puff the magic draaagoon
      Diiiied by the shamaneeee…!
      We fought it in the desert land
      Far away from Erogeneeeee!”

      …Nope, I got nuthin. *sigh* Let’s see what Tula comes up with; she’s more attuned to Teria’s magical frame than Mentl from literal decades of life there, so she’s bound to attune faster.


  3. FIRE! 😀 Of course, Chera is shooting fire from her hands. I’m sure she and Mentl will have a lot to talk about later. 😉

    1. “PAIO” means “Fire”, right?

      1. Well, it’s used every time a priestess/priest shoots from their hands no matter the god/goddess, so I would guess yes. This time it’s invoking the fire of Suria.

      2. Well, I’m pretty sure it is pronounced ‘pew’, so it’s a generic gunfire noise.

        Pew pew pew.

  4. Maybe le Bard needs to reprise his ‘Shotgun” and impress ‘dad’.

    1. That’s if his magic gets reliable. (Then again, anything short of nuking the whole area would be an improvement to the current situation. Maybe that will soon be the point.)

    2. Actually in keeping with the fire theme I think he would like some Jerry Lewis. I know it’s already been used but I didn’t get the opinion that it couldn’t be reused.
      Shotgun may not work because Zona isn’t already covered in red or Gilly Worm.

  5. Lol, anyone else find using fire on a desert creature kind of comical??

    1. Heat tolerance only goes so far. Do you think real world desert snakes or desert scorpions are immune to fire?

  6. LISTEN to your father, Zona. Even if you’ve got abandonment issues, he’s still older, wiser, and extremely knowledgeable of the regiong you’re in.

    And Tom Billings is spot on. It makes me think of the classic First Nationer hunting tactic used with bears. First a brave (and FAST) hunter chucks a spear or looses an arrow into the cave. Then he turns and runs like hell… in big circles… leading the bear around and around the same trees, over and over… while the other hunters are perched up in said trees, dropping a barrage of spears and arrows at the bear until said bear finally keels over.

    1. You’re right, but Zona still has a point. In places where there are huge predators like this, there are smaller predators as well, that are still larger than Zonn and may well have a vulnerability to swords. He should be carrying one. (Unless the local creatures are of two kinds: large, scaly, immune to blades, and small, scampering, harmless. In that kind of environment a sword would be useless. One may assume this is the case, but we don’t know yet that it is.)

  7. 3 mages, monster has no chance. I wonder what song Mntel will use?

    1. Ever hear of a group named “Dragonforce”?

      1. Darn it. I didn’t expect it to embed the link. I just wanted to link to it.
        Well, one of them. I’m listening to “Soldiers Of The Wasteland” right now, and that might be a better fit.

      2. Or, Maybe AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”, or “TNT”. Or Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz”.

    2. Given that it’s a reptile, I continue to hold forth on “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner. “Thunderstruck” will have problems with all those nice high cliffs which, if volcanic, have a lot of metals in them. “Ballroom Blitz” is for when you need a riot, and thus should be used to make Urrts fight Urrts (for our entertainment, natch).

  8. She even answers questions through martial example. Did I mention that I’m starting to really love Chera?

    Aside from that… “Told you.” He’s a dad, all right.

    Also, in the first panel, Mentl’s running off alone. (If I get the characters right, that is. Feel free to correct my reading that the Zons are upper right, the heavenly bodies priestesses lower left, and Mentl between the two groups.) I feel that’s poor strategy, but then in his place I’d be groveling in the sand praying for a ton of luck, so I won’t to complain too harshly.

    1. More likely that’s Chera running alone. Mentl and Tula know to stick close enough for a tag team.

      1. Disagree. That clearly looks more like a jacket, jeans and boots on the solo runner.
        Tula’s red head is running beside the lightish, possibly mottled, top.

  9. Zona: “Okay, what does work?”
    In the “sword & sorcery genre,” if swords don’t work…

    1. one arrow through the eye of course. Oh you have to have a bow and arrow first

      1. Well, Zona could always try to hurl her sword. I think nobody would really be surprised if she made the shot. (Except of course the Sudrac.)

        1. MidnightDStroyer

          Well, every predator that’s trying to snag their next meal has to exercise caution so that they don’t get injured during the hunt. A bad enough injury leaves them incapable of hunting any more & they’ll starve. If the sudrac has any cunning at all, it’ll have to keep it’s eyes open for tricks like that.

        2. Point taken.

          That being said, on second thoughts I don’t want Zona to hurl her sword.

          I want Zonn to hurl her. Fastball special!

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