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  1. Oh, wow. Er, oh boy! Love the facial expression changes between panel 2 “I totally nailed that bastard” and panel 4 “maybe I ought to be going now…”
    Can’t wait to see this monster get beat down, but I’m even more looking forward to Zonn gaining real respect for Mentl’s take down. C’mon baby, “Light My Fire”? Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” Fire Away? 😀 😀

    1. The face is great, and there’s the right hand too. It moves just as much as needed to display the new attitude. Superb.

      (And when the live-action film is a go, I still want Kristin Scott Thomas to play her.)

    2. Swords are no good. Fire is no good…

      I’m thinking “Sixteen Tons” or “Big Iron.” 😉

    3. {U.S.S. Constellation fires a single phaser at Planet Killer}
      Kirk: Scotty, you did it!
      {Planet Killer turns towards the Constellation}
      Kirk: I think you did it-SCOTTY GET US OUT OF HERE!

      1. Logan Darklighter

        The amazing thing is how closely Chera’s facial expression mirrors Kirk’s. 😀

  2. First – I’m not going to even try to guess at what Mentyl might sing, I have never gotten close.
    Bridge over Troubled Water seems unlikely…
    I am a bit surprised to see a new page posted so late in the day, or Maybe JED just needed an early bedtime?
    I am looking forward to see how Mentyl deals with this beasty!

    1. Well he probably won’t out-right sing “gotta catch ’em all” but maybe “Hail To The King” or something in that vein?
      . . . Oh come on, that would make SUCH a kick-ass mount for a wizard.

    2. “We will, we will ROCK YOU!”
      Rocks fall. It dies.

  3. OK, …the good thing about a spitting weapon is that the beastie can only have so much at any one time. The question is, “how much and how many shots”? If it’s more than a few percent of the Sudrac’s mass, it will be a physiological burden outweighing its contribution to getting food. It requires not only the mass of the acidic (usually) stuff itself, but whatever acid-resistant tissue it is stored within. One problem is that the Sudrac’s mass is fairly large, even compared to what just got spat on the ground by it. That usually would slow it down as well, however

    Now is the time for a third irritant to interrupt the Sudrac’s daily routine of food gathering. It should be either Mentl, or a fourth unknown to Zonn and Chera, who might be the reason for the Sudrac’s presence in an area thought to be cleared of them. What will it be???? Worra, Worra, Woora!

  4. It looks like she left a bit of work to do for Mentl 🙂
    Will he go for more fire, or come up with something else ?
    Sleep, maybe ?

  5. I still want Zonn to fastball special Zona (plus sword) into the beast’s face.

    By the way, the Sudrac’s a she! Nice to know. I wonder how Chera came to that conclusion (what telling marks there may be and more than that, how anyone found out how to tell both sexes apart).

    By the way, since Chera knows that the Sudrac is female, she must also know that fire would hurt her and not just “get her attention”. Since it didn’t, I’m guessing that she was aiming for the eye (generally one of the least defendable body parts).

    Oh, and the Sudrac seems to have quite the grasp on balanced response. “You bash? I bash. You throw? I spit.” All of a sudden I wonder what sounds she’ll emit if Mentl tries to chant…

    (Last: “She Caught the Katy”? “My baby she’s long/My baby she’s tall/She’s sleepin’ with her head in the kitchen/And her feet’s out in the hall/Crazy ’bout her/That hard-headed woman of mine”. Then Zona grows to Sudrac proportions and it’s Godzilla vs. Queen Kong again.)

    1. Oh yes.. I am soooo hoping Mentl sings it something sweet and tames the beast. It would make a great ally!

      1. You’re a better person than I, Debi. Also it would be awesome.

        Hats off, sis. (Assuming you’re a sis; sincere apologies if offending.)

        1. Debi Friedlander

          Definitely.. cis and sis. Not sure about the better person, bit, tho. I just love the idea of a pet dragon!

    2. Since fire didn’t work, my guess is George Jones’ “White Lightning.”

  6. Yep, definitely that point in the battle where you stage a “tactical withdrawal” in order to “reassess your options”…

  7. Well, well, well! Chera did indeed hurt the sudrac, and now she is pissed. I’m guessing to fight these and win you need to hit them and then move quickly and keep repeating that.

    Also, I’m now wondering how you tell the difference between a male and female sudrac. Color? Size? Number of horns and fangs?

  8. I agree with The MacNut regarding a tactical withdrawal…but my guess is that Michael/Mentl will fee the need to try/do something and it ends up in an over-kill …

  9. The good news there is that being out in a barren wasteland leaves a bit more leeway for “overkill” than it did inside a smallish cave. As long as he doesn’t manage to nuke himself or a companion, or course.

    1. In that case “Born to be wild” probably isn’t the best choice… “Fire all of your guns at once, and explode into space… ” 😀

  10. Mount for Mentl – cool idea but I don’t see this one going there somehow – doubt the idea would occur to him.

    I do like the Blazing Saddles reference – showing my age a little bit maybe but I’m old enough to not care.

    1. ” Don’t shoot Mungo, you’ll only get him Mad.” what Blazing Saddles reference are you thinking of?

      1. The comment in the margin, from when Bart and Waco tried to infiltrate Hedly Lamarr’s hiring binge.

  11. I am soooo liking Chera … LOL

  12. Ok. so neither swords nor spells work? CRAP! How are they going to kill that thing?

  13. Panel 2: The realization that she achieved her goal.
    Panel 4: The realization that she achieved her goal.

    1. Nicely put! 8-D

  14. See, this is why you let the tanks draw the agro.

  15. In the immortal words of adventurers across all dimensions: “Feet don’t fail me now!”

  16. I always love Blazing Saddles quotes.

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