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  1. Well, it looks like a threat to Zona is the selection lever that picks Mentl to act, …again. The action itself is yet unknown. Also, the corrective for that venom will need time, which probably means large and scaly just ran out her human neighbor’s risk factor computations. The fact that things might go wrong from Mentl using magic here just became a far smaller factor. Whatever the chant is, the enchanter is back in business!

  2. Oh yeah. He’s now off the chain.

  3. Well, maybe Zona should consider starting to listen to Zonn.
    It seems the sudrac mostly chases after whoever is noisy and in her field of vision. Tula made noise last so Tula is her target. I wonder if Mentl just caught the sudrac’s attention.

  4. even monsters make mistakes once in a while

  5. Father told you so, Zona. :-S

    Alright, bring out the ZPU!

  6. Mentl SMASH!

  7. You pushed the “Zona’s Hurt” button. Ya shouldn’t ‘ve done that.

  8. Hey, don’t be too harsh with the poor Sudrac. Sure, hurting Zona is a big mistake when Mentl is around, but not hurting her would not be tactically sound either, right?

    Also, I love how she actually slows the thing down. (I guess stopping her in her tracks would be a little too much for me to believe, but why not after all.)

  9. Lesson One: Picking on little sister when big sister can see will hurt.

    Lesson Two: Hurting Zona where Michael can see will HURT.

    1. Very true. Also, both lessons work in reverse as well.

  10. Let’s see now….”Little darlin’ it’s been a long cold lonely winter…Here comes the sun…Here comes the sun…And I say…it’s alright!” LOL or something to that effect…

    1. We’ve had that song before, to very different effect. I’m thinking it could be any of a hundred songs about Fire. Or possibly a song about Rock (to squash the spit out of this snake with the local stone).

      1. Durn it…for got that Paddy….;-) But remember that JED indicated the intent directs the magic as much as the empowering force (i.e. the song)…Gives a whole new meaning to Ring Around the Rosie eh? LOL

        1. Why not Mentl reprising “Constipation Blues” from Screamin’ Jay Hawkins?

        2. Heh. Or how about “I Put A Spell On You”?

  11. Reach out, for the healing hands! Reach out for the healing haaands!

  12. I’m afraid for Zona arm actually. is it venom or acid? and if it is acid, is it going to eat her arm? I’m pretty sure she can fight one armed but… I’m afraid of the consequences and on Mentl stability… I mean, after what happened in the mirror, I don’t know what Shuach put in his mind. Will Mentl feel guilty again if Zona’s wound are very bad? Will it make him go away?
    As for Zonn yelling at Zona: 1- he does not know (yet) how stubborn she can be 2- every children (mine as well of course) do exactly the opposite of what the parent is saygin 3 – Zona wasn’t going to listen anyway, she saw Tula in danger…
    *sigh* speak about a family meeting going well…

    1. Given the onomatopoeic fizzing sound I’m going to guess high molar soda-pop. It LOOKS like mountain-dew, which is bad news not because it eats flesh so much as because it adhered and damages the nervous system. Fortunately it hasn’t gone completely flat, so the carbonation should reduce the damage by forming a gaseous barrier, much like the Leidenfrost Effect. Zona may be in trouble without a neutralizing beverage, but she at least has a lot of granulated silica on hand she can scrub off with.

      1. Whoa! had to go all out on chemistry AND soda recipe? What do you have against Mountain Dew :p

  13. “1- he does not know (yet) how stubborn she can be”

    Zonn knows how he was in his prime.
    So the same type of behaviour from Zona, from his very daughter, wouldn’t be a surprise to him.

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