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TRANSCRIPT:   TULA: Fiz?! Fiz!  Goddess, Fiz, please ...  FIZ: Puh-princess ...Y-your face …  is as beautiful as the sky … TULA:   Ohh - you’re a sweetie.  Looks like you could use some help.  FIZ: Oh … I suh-seem to be … dying … TULA: Not today.   (begins healing him) MENTL: Hey, Stud.  RANNIK: “Mentl” - right? MENTL: Yup.   RANNIK: I am … Rannik.  MENTL: Of course you are.  (pause) With a busted wing, no less.  RANNIK: Ohh - just a … scratch.   MENTL: (examines him)  Crap - that’s nasty. Bet it smarts, too. RANNIK: Your gift for understatement is … impressive.  Can you heal it?`

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  1. So, in a contest of understatement, who do you think wins? Mentl or Rannik?

    Also, I’m stumped for what song Mentl might employ for healing, but I’m guessing it’ll be AOE.

    1. So far I’ve never been able to guess what song he’ll use (then again, he’s far more learned in classic rock than I am), but the first song that came to my mind was “Brothers In Arms”.

      And though I know it’s not the right theme, now it’s the one I want Mentl to try.

    2. So far I’ve never been able to guess what song he’ll use (then again, he’s far more learned in classic rock than I am), but the first song that came to my mind was “Brothers In Arms”.

      And though I know it’s not the right theme, now it’s the one I want Mentl to try.

      Oh, and I think Mentl would win in a contest of understatements. There’s a line below which an understatement becomes a lie, and Rannik wouldn’t cross it. (Then again, maybe Mentl wouldn’t want to either. He might be sick of lying after all the bulldrek he seems to have put his family through – Sandra referred to it in , and Mentl admitted to the notion.)

      (JED, there was a bug after I sent this comment, so I’m sending it again. Since I forgot to comment on understatements before sending the first, would you be so kind as to delete it should it have come through? Thank you for that, and tons of thanks for this beautiful webcomic.)

      1. Not ‘Dem Bones’?


  2. Why am I suddenly thinking of this?

  3. Okay, Tula’s face in the six panel is brilliant and just makes me fall in love with her again. 😀

    As for song… maybe heal the world? Or would that be too powerful for the occasion? Sexual healing might not be quite right either…

    1. Very true about Tula, sis. That cloth she’s been given by Chera really looks good on her, too.

      As for the song, how about the Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You”?

  4. How many TV/movie lines can we parody in one pane? I count Toy Story 2 (“Not today Zirg!”), Star Trek OS (several but “You have a gift for understatement, Mr. Spock” comes to mind) and Monty Python (“It’s just a flesh wound”). Did I miss any?

  5. How many TV series/Movies can we parody in one panel? I count Toy Story 2 (“Not today Zurg!”), Star Trek OS (“Second-degree burns. Not serious, but I bet they smart. “Doctor, you have an unsurpassed talent for understatement.” ) and Monty Python’s Holy Grail (“It’s just a flesh wound.”) Did I miss any?

  6. Take, this broken wing, and learn to fly again…..

  7. “I….I have become, comfortably numb, ….”

    At least as an opener. Then, maybe another round of “Here Comes the Sun”??

    1. Or alternatively “Think I can make it now the pain has gone. All the dark feelings have disappeared” (second verse of I can see clearly now by Johnny Nash).
      Followed up with “Come Healing”, by the late great Leonard Cohen.

  8. How about this from Matthew West?

    When you see broken beyond repair
    I see healing beyond belief
    When you see too far gone
    I see one step away from home
    When you see nothing but damaged goods
    I see something good in the making
    I’m not finished yet
    When you see wounded, I see mended

    1. Not bad. I could see that working. 🙂

  9. Or some classic Loving Spoonful Jug Band Music?

    I was down in Savannah
    Eatn’ Cream and Bannanas
    When the heat just made me faint
    I began to get crosseyed
    I thought I was lost
    I’d begun to see things as they ain’t.
    As the relatives gathered to see what’s the matter
    The doctor came to see was I fine.
    But the doctor said give him jug band music,
    It seems to make him feel just fine.
    I was told a little tail about a skinny as a rail
    L.A. put cowboy with a headache
    He was hung up in the desert swappin’ rats
    And tryn’ ta get a drink of water with his knees gettin’ mud caked
    And I’ll tell you and exceptance how he stumbled into Memphis Tenassee
    Lookin’ hard and gettin’ dust baked.
    We gave ‘im little water; a little bit of wine
    he opened up his eyes but they didn’t seem to shine
    And the doctor said give him jug band music
    it seems to make him feel just fine
    So if you ever get sickly
    get sister run quickly to the dusty closet shelf
    and pull out a washboard; and play a guitar chord
    and do a little do it yourself.
    call on your neighbors to put down their labors
    and come and play the hardware in time
    cause the doctor said give him jug band music
    it seems to make him feel just fine

  10. Healing Hands by Elton? (or is it not rock enough?)

    1. I like that suggestion. Hadn’t thought of that song at all. 🙂 ‘Touch me with your gentle healing hands’.

    2. If Queen’s “Body Language” was enough ( ), I don’t see how Elton John couldn’t be.

      (Not criticizing my favorite band in rock history, mind you, just stating that some of their songs, particularly those from “Hot Space”, don’t sound like rock that much. I still love them — well, I learned to once I admitted that I had underestimated Queen’s style range.)

  11. Am I a bad person for having chuckled at Fiz’s face in panel four?

    Also, I’m a bit confused by Mentl’s lines. I’m not sure what he means by “of *course* you are” when Rannik introduces himself. I guess Zona may have told him about the force, and if so she’d have told him about Rannik, both because he’s instrumental to the group and because there are feelings more or less hanging between them. But I’m not sure why “of *course*”.

    Not to mention the “busted wing” puzzles me as well. Is “rannik” a bird name in Erogenian? Or is it just Mentl’s slightly weird talk?

    (Reflecting upon that makes me want him to sing “Blackbird singing in the dead of night / Take these broken wings and learn to fly…”)

    1. “Busted wing”, is a pretty common slang for broken arm.

      I suspect it may come from how an arm, once it is set in a cast, is hung in a sling, which keeps the elbow bent, but that’s only speculation on my part.

  12. I feel like he could heal the entire Erogenian side of the battlefield with this song:

    I must confess, however, that I got the idea from this article:

  13. “busted wing” huh?
    then how about “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister?

  14. “busted wing” huh?
    How about “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister

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