Bedside Manner – Page 1145

TRANSCRIPT:    MENTL: Here - have some kishir.  I’ll see what I can do about immobilizing the arm -  but not sure how good my healing magick is, just yet.  I’ll let Tula handle you when she’s got a minute. Nothing personal, just don’t want to do more harm than good.  Easy, dude.  Chera’s stuff may be a little stronger than you’re used to.  Although, in your case that’s not a bad thing.   RANNIK: Shouldn’t you be helping the battle, then -  enchanter? MENTL: Zona’s got it.  It’s been awhile since she could really cut loose like this.  And honestly, I might just get in the way.    ON ZONA having a perfectly wonderful time butchering Urtts (“This is GREAT!”)   RANNIK: Yes.  Yes, we’ve missed her.   MENTL: I’ll bet.  RANNIK: I look …  forward to hearing your story.    Guntig morphs from hawk to human right next to them.    MENTL:GAH!   GUNTIG: Either help or get out of the way.  MENTL: Uhh … your patient. 

9 thoughts on “Bedside Manner – Page 1145

  1. So… odds he hears that as “You’re patient.” rather than what was meant? Are those subject to medical care called patients in Erogenia?

    1. Doubt it. Tone would indicate ownership, and probably haste, even if the word “patient” didn’t translate.

  2. Ha! Getting started on the friendship alright. 😛 I bet Guntig did that on purpose just to see Mentl’s reaction.

  3. Heh. It’s reassuring to see that Mentl is still the Mentl we know, if better by way of character growth. His conversation with Rannik reminded me of how much magic power he wields, yet he doesn’t let it go to his head. He’s still humble. And I’m impressed that he chose to let Zona carry this fight and to not try to heal a broken arm. A less mature person might let such inflate their ego or get in over their head. Anyway, great writing.

    1. He knows better than to get in Zona’s way when she’s enjoying her version of “Me Time”. Most sane people do.

  4. Hmm… Alright, people. This has probably been said before, but who would you see as actors to fill the roles of this webcomic?

    I’d see Chris Hemsworth as Rannik, Chris Pratt as Yatta-Ta of Ir-Anis, Mads Mikkelsen or Ian Mc Kellen as this old, white-haired enchanter from the Moon Tribe.

    Any other ideas?

    1. The big question, though, is who could do Mentl. Apparently Tom Hiddlestone’s a pretty good singer…

      1. The biggest issue would be finding a 6 foot tall or more, very well endowed amazon to play Zona. Other than Brigitte Nielsen I can’t think of any, and she’s too old now to play the part.

        1. Ah, Brigitte Nielsen… one of my crushes as a 10 year-old kid… 🙂 Her cameo in Ronal the Barbarian still makes me giggle.

          True, true. But regarding the size/height, it would not be any problem.
          After all, none of the actors who played the dwarves in LoTR and The Hobbit were actually dwarves.

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