Only Thing To Do – Page 1088

TRANSCRIPT:   MAHD: FEEBY!! MAHD: Whoop!! FEEBY: Mahd, you okay?  Hurt yourself? MAHD: It not bad.  Just scrape a little.  How you? FEEBY: Just feel dumb!  Stupid pit trap. MAHD: It not one of ours! FEEBY: Tom making traps? MAHD: He tell us all his traps. No this someone bad make trap in our place! FEEBY: Yeah.  Only thing to do with people like that is kill them. MAHD: Yeah.  

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  1. The “next” from the previous page isn’t linking here.

    1. It does now. Good!

      1. Oh, while you´re at it. Could you look into the RSS situation of the site?
        The bookmark stopped working a while ago, not sure if it´s on my end or yours?
        Thnx a bunch.

  2. I don’t like the sound of that saying (quote?) at the bottom of the page. Please don’t let this be ‘final’ It is surprising that Mahd didn’t see the pit trap, since Feebie had already fallen through the covering. But then, she probably wasn’t being as attentive as she should be over her worry. I just hope that if the trap was specifically meant to trap the gals, that Tom really gets them for this.

    1. Sounds like what Fidel Castro said about firing squads.

    2. I think it refers to the solution Mahd and Feeby are envisioning to their current problem.

  3. So… urrts in the wrong place?

  4. It’s good to know that Tom is around… or at least seems to be around for them, often enough that he told them lots of things…. Now…. will he be around to help them or defeat the bad guy with them.
    I sure hope the twins won’t get hurt, or at least not in a definitive way.

  5. To the point, for anyone to make a pit trap of the size needed to be effective against our two ladies, they’d have to commit significantly more resources to the pit trap than for taking humans. This probably means that someone knows about them, their size, etc. Which means our local nobleman has a hole in his security apparat. That may mean that “Tom” is all that’s left to guard what’s in that little valley behind the cabin the nice count built for the girls. Then, too, he may have to rescue the girls as well. Busy times for all.

  6. thus it begins

  7. Is that pit deep enough that Mahd climbing on Feeby’s shoulders could not get out of it? Because if so, it’s a pretty hefty one. (Then again, it can contain them lying on the floor, so I guess it’s pretty wide already.)

    Also, I have trouble making sense of panel 4 (mainly what’s whose; after much ponderation, I assume she lost it in her fall).

    But my main comment would be about the quote; I doubt strongly death is a “final” solution. See, people one kills to solve one’s problems have that irritating tendency to have brothers, sisters, parents, children, friends, even obsessed enemies who will go after one, possibly even escalating the conflict. Case in point: if someone kills Mahd and Feeby, now they have Tom to contend with. How final would that be? Okay, so Ginsha got away with it in , but I’ll contend that it was a very peculiar situation.

    1. They’re planning on killing whoever made the traps, and maybe (being urrt-blooded) eating them.

      I doubt anyone would be surprised at someone disappearing in this world. It’s not a safe place.

      1. Mahd and Feeby are half-Urrt? I didn’t know.

  8. I’m betting Team Rocket dug the pit trap. Probably thought the girls were Pokémon.

    1. I’m not sure you are wrong. This world’s version of Team Rocket making pit traps and whatnot. 😛

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