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  1. I see flying daggers in the future for those two.

  2. Now, if “Tom” shows up in the nick of time, it’s better than I’d hoped. Hunters after ogre skins are not necessarily spies for an enemy of Dell. That means the hole in security I’d feared may be nonexistent. Of cpourse, if he doesn’t show to save them our girls are out of the story the hard way. Of course, the lack of that hole means they will not have to both defend the valley *and* get rid of these unpleasant hide hunters. Having “Tom” be 2 places at once is difficult,…this Tom knows that rather well from experience.

  3. Are the hunter hunters hunted?

  4. I sincerely hope and expect that Tom will show up in the next strip. If he shows up in the one after that one, things are likely to get very, very, very messy.

    1. These two black-clad yabbos are dead, they just don’t know it yet – and I think “messy” is a given no matter what the immediate outcome. But yes – if the two lovelies are hurt or killed, I think instead of a simple “clean” shiv to the heart, Tom will get… creative.

  5. Somehow I don’t think they’ll succeed in killing the sisters, but are likely to end up the prey next page.

  6. Crossbows? Really? Well at least they’ve dug a nice deep grave for themselves.

    1. Of course, crowwbows. Powerfull, accurate, and does not spoil much of the pelt.

      Weapon of choice for a hunter.

  7. Naughty children, where they shouldn’t belong
    Playing games with wicked toys is just wrong
    bothering folks and disrupting the calm.
    Time to call a friend, call on our pal, Tom.

  8. Noooooooooooooooo!
    Tom, please come quick… or… Ginsha? anybody to save my lovely tits… I mean twins *Oooooops*

  9. Tom to the rescue?
    Or is the author risking reader revolt over the death of the two damsels?

  10. I NOT KNOW YOU BUT HATE YOU ALREADY! (In the words of the ladies.)

    (Interesting that the two newcomers don’t have a character tag. (They do have a “trapped” tag, though.) Will they be given one retroactively once proper introductions have been done?

  11. Welp. So long you two. Hope you enjoyed your brief cameos as dumbass poacher 1 & 2

  12. someone is in for a suprise

  13. And “Tom” is right behind them…

  14. Why do I have this sneaking suspicion that Tom will rush in last second to save the day, as he is prone to doing? Here’s hoping anyway, because these ladies are too awesome to die…

  15. I have a plot point question. That is a VERY large hole and, given their technology, how was it dug unseen?

    It has to be at least 8 ft in diameter and over 15 ft deep which works out to be about 750 wheelbarrowfuls of dirt. That is a LOT of dirt to get rid of without a trace! Not only that but it would take some time so the digging would have been noticed. And finally, you need more than shovels to dig that deep and get the dirt out.

    1. The first thing that comes to mind is magic.

    2. They don’t have technology, but they do have potent magic. (More or less outlawed in Kivalia, to be sure, but then, so’s poaching on Lord Dell’s lands.)

      Also, nothing says they had to dig it recently. (Actually, if they’ve just been covering an existing hole that Mahd and Feeby would normally sidestep except now it’s been camouflaged, it gives the “dumb as a stump” line a whole new meaning.)

  16. Given the last entry, one of the most poetic outcomes might be if Dell were the one to intervene, having popped up for a visit or maybe even heard rumours of the hunters.

  17. Where is the original discussion of Tom and these two ogresses?

      1. By the way, Lora sis, I meant to tell you: if my comment seems to ignore yours, it’s because yours wasn’t up yet when I started writing my own. Otherwise I would have taken your contribution into account.

    1. It starts here: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/journeys-end-and-bonus/page-901/

      Actually, the first four pages are about wrapping up the previous story arc with Morcai (that was the name he was going by in it) but since it has Lord Dell’s only appearances in the story (that I know of) you might want to take a look at that character too. (By the way, that ‘bonus’ was first mentioned in this chapter: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/knocks/page-269/ , Tethik saying he knows about Morcai’s tastes and doesn’t judge. And while I’m archive diving, you may wonder what Lord Dell is talking about in the first page I linked, so here’s what happened: https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/home-schooling/page-416/ .)

      I’m taking a short break to praise the new archive! It works wonders and I love it! Thanks, JED!

      Also, JED put up something in the bonuses that showed Tom and the sisters in bed, but it still has to be brought back. Still, I see that quite a few nice pictures are back now, so we may not have that much to wait. We’ll see.

  18. So, are we going to get another song fight? It’s been a while since the man of many names has shown off.

  19. A simple boot in the back, sending the hunters into the pit, and then let the ladies handle it. Seems fair to me.

  20. Given the marginal quotation from Henry V foreshadows an unpleasant turn of events for the overconfident trappers.

  21. I can’t help but think of not one, but TWO incidents involving “big game” hunters in Africa. The first, the dentist who shot Cecil the lion… and how he ended up losing his business because of the resulting ostracization when his community learned he’d taken part in an illegal hunt that involved luring an animal out of a refuge. The second, a hunter whose identity could not be determined because… the lion ended up getting the drop on him and eating him.

    Personally, I think if you’re going to hunt big game, you should do it in one of two ways. One: with a spear. If you’re doing it for the sport, for the thrill, for the challenge, make it a CHALLENGE. Give the animal a chance to win. Two: with a camera – if you’re just trying to prove you can shoot the animal from a distance without flinching, then its death is unnecessary.

    (this doesn’t apply to sustenance hunting, mind. If you’re going to hunt deer or wild boars or rabbits, go for it – eat what you catch, share it with friends and relatives, etc. But hunting something you don’t intend to eat? No…)

    1. Archone, you’re a bit off on your facts. The hunter in the Cecil case *did* have a valid permit (which the Zimbabwe government later confirmed). Whether he later lost his business, I don’t know. But he was *not* a poacher. And Zimbabwe’s conservation budget, which depends heavily on legal hunting permits for funding, has gone down in the backlash.

      The more recent case (if it’s the one I read about earlier this summer) was a poacher (or poachers) in a protected reserve. And yes, the lion got him/them so thoroughly that they’re not sure about how many poachers were there – at least one, but possibly as many as three.

    2. There are, I believe, three times when it is right to kill.

      When you need to eat it. If it is trying to eat you. If it may kill you.

      ‘course, that includes things like swatting mosquitos or taking out termites eating out a house’s foundation, so it’s not quite so cut and dried. But still.

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