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PORCHA: Are you sure you won’t stay?  I was hoping we could go fishing together later …


CIRINA: No, Porcha … I think it’s time I get my things together and go home.  I’ll send my people a note first, and … and say good bye to my friends here.  The few I have. 


PORCHA: Oh, you have more friends here than you think.  And I know a few will be sorry to see you leave. 




CIRINA: Oh, you’re a dear, and I will miss you.  

But … well, I think it’s just better not to hang around. 


PORCHA: Well, you know best for yourself, amanara.  Be sure to say goodbye to Arrogond and … you know who.  If only for courtesy’s sake. 


CIRINA:  Ah, well – you’re probably right.  Farewell, Porcha!  Amantu-la!


PORCHA: Amantu-la, Cirina!




CIRINA (THOUGHT): “Courtesy,” eh?   I mean, she’s right, but Arrogond’s been a perfect dana-kincalo to me since I got here, but at least Pontagar was …  But then, I guess he made his choice.  But Lentik?  Ecchh!  What a shitsack.  If only he was nice, I could …




CIRINA: (thoughts) Oh – the door’s open. Is he with someone?


NAURIK: (offscreen)  …Listen and follow my advice.  All will be well. 


CIRINA: (thoughts)  Well, that’s not Lentik, anyhow.  I’ll just make it quick and painless.  “I’m going home, Pontagar.  I’m grateful for the good times we had.  Goodbye.”  Good. That’s all it needs. 



CIRINA: (Seeing the bloody corpse of the king) What –  OH MY GODS! PONTAGAR! WHAT THE FLAMING SHIT?!!


NAURIK: Oh, bloody hell …

11 8698

Oops! – Page 1240

11 thoughts on “Oops! – Page 1240

  1. Looks like Cirina is toast! He can’t let her leave with the knowledge she just acquired.

  2. @Joe Fonebone
    Hmmm… She just yelled. She’ll be heard by many around the village.
    I don’t think Naurik has any free reign here, especially since he is still “working” on Pontagar, and he knows this.

    Who else read Naurik’s last line with a Londoner or Scottish accent? 😛

    1. Perhaps there are people outside nearby. Let’s hope so. Glad to hear she doesn’t like Lentik. I agree with the British accent theory.

    2. Welsh, or maybe a regional English accent. One that tends to roam around the more rural parts of the British Isles.

  3. So… a “dana-kincalo” is an A-hole? or the equivalent?
    I really she will survive and help Pontagar snap out of this. *fingers crossed*

  4. Saved by the clock

  5. I think Cirina is gonna be fine given that someone is apparently reporting this situation to Ipola as ‘not a complete disaster’ in a somewhat light tone. That implies it resolves with minimal additional casualties.

  6. Scottish for me!

  7. So, is Cirina of the Fox Tribe?
    Reading back, Lentik said she was from the “Bear Tribe or Wolf Tribe. Something like that,” and from his earlier appearance (1178-1179), Aglor is probably Fox Tribe. Unless the Fox Tribe tag then was for Darvik.

  8. Is “flaming shit” also a reference to Shuach? 😉

  9. Ooh, this is interesting! Someone *did* walk in on that little scene.
    I hope her cry was heard and I hope she’s wise enough to duck out that door again. I want to see Porcha take Naurik down! 😀

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