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That is one of the singular things about you and Liri and Emmon. In over three thousand years, you’re the first Giants to have been born in a time with other giants.


KELTAN: But - this place? What does it mean? Why here?


Ipola is about to answer when her ring begins to glow.

IPOLA: I think that is because - Oh!

AGLOR: (offscreen) Ipola.

KING AGLOR’S image appears in the green light of the ring magic

IPOLA: Aglor? What’s the matter?

AGLOR: Ipola, we have a situation.

IPOLA: Would it be too much to ask to have this be a “situation” that involves great good news?

AGLOR: It’s … well, it’s not a total disaster, I will say that.
9 11298

A Situation – Page 1239

9 thoughts on “A Situation – Page 1239

  1. Mick Jagger cameo!

  2. I don’t know why, but Aglor reminds me of Iggy Pop. Go figure why.

  3. My first thought was a young, care worn (not drug induced) Steve Tyler.

  4. Eh, kind of, yeah.

  5. “In over three thousand years, you’re the first Giants to have been born in a time with other giants.”
    I’m not sure this makes sense in the current context.
    Surely, it should be “a time without other giants”?
    Otherwise it appears to imply that before Keltan’s birth, there had only been one giant alive at a time for over 3000 years, and that there was a living giant at the time of Keltan’s birth.

  6. I was said before that there are large stretches with no giants. That a giant is born at or near a time of great conflict, and thus some cultures see them as causing the conflict. Though in reality they tend to be born at such time as to reach maturity around the time of the conflict.
    But two giants at the same time implied a bigger world upheaval than Tula had ever heard of. And then we see it in actually 3 giants.

  7. Perhaps it means that for over 3K years, there has not been more than one giant living at a time, which would prevent and reproduction by natural means, assuming they are capable of it.

  8. Is it the Fire Tripe situation? That will be interesting to sort out for Ipola et el.

  9. @Lora
    Aye. It could be that.

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