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10 thoughts on “Out Of My Mind – Page 1196

  1. Uh! I like this look on Tula! 😀
    And looks like there’s no questing for Zona and Mentl today.

    1. @[Lora]:
      1)__Zona may be in need of some reassuring sisterly hugs, here.
      2)__What are the odds that Mentl, while dressing, might’ve sent-out a “heads-up” to Tula (on the “DL”), so that she could be ready-&-waiting to catch them as they started to leave? He’s more-than-aware of how Tula has far better insight into what needs to be said, & **HOW** to say it, in such a way that even a stubborn Warrior-Princess can’t ignore it.

    2. 3rd_Thought:
      3)__Zona’s reward for listening to Tula & staying put?
      The sight of her mom, escorted by the Giants, coming over the hill, together. They were already headed to this realm, to see about adopting a cub-or-2, when they came to Ipola’s rescue, so it only makes sense that they’d provide her with company & safe escort the rest of the way.

  2. I love Thucy’s quote.
    ‘Tis a good choice, mate.

  3. That is quite some stopping power, Tula. Well done.
    @ DMC_Run: I would defenitively agree on 1) & 3), 2) is possible, but then again Tula knows her sister very well, so she could easily have anticipated that move.

    1. [the_eldest]:

    2. I’m re-examining Panel_2, & now I’m thinking, if Tula is arriving by magical means, then perhaps all she needed to do was “mark” a passageway with a magical “tag”, to notify her if-&-when Zona passed thru it. Just choose a location that Zona would only use if she was leaving.

  4. Hmm. If any searching for info needs doing, I’d expect better results from Tula and/or Mentl, than from Zona. After info is in, now, that might well change …

    1. [Kai Henningsen]:
      I’m actually surprised that no mention has been made so far of Mentl already trying to scry for Ipola’s location.
      I’m not automatically expecting that scrying would be a talent that he’s familiar with
      (most of his skill seems to be focused on combat-related magics)
      …but the local mages might be able to help him to try his luck.

  5. Just yeah. Hell yeah, I love this comic. Only way to make it better is if Mentl plays something t welcome her Majesty home.

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