Praise for the sing-ing, praise for the morn-ing

Mentl enters the chamber, singing.  Zona is already dressed in her travelling clothes

MENTL: “Praise for them spring-ing fresh from the – ” Whoa.   Goin’ somewhere, baby?

ZONA: I’m going to find Mother. 

MENTL: We’ve got scouts and trackers already out there –

ZONA: They don’t even know where to look!  It’s been two weeks, Mentl.  

MENTL: You don’t really know where to look, either, honey.  She wanted you to be here.  It’s –

ZONA: She should have been back here before we were!  Something happened, I know it. 

MENTL: Yeah, we all know it, which is why the priests and priestesses are scrying and you got half the Snake Tribe out sneaking around on the east side of the river. 

ZONA: And no word – nothing.   I can’t stay here, sitting on my hands any longer.  You coming with me?  Or not?

ON MENTL.  He gives her a dirty look

MENTL: I’m not gonna dignify that with a reply.

Got To Do Something – Page 1195

5 thoughts on “Got To Do Something – Page 1195

  1. “Look, hon. What part of ‘ride or die’ wasn’t clear?”

  2. So, how many songs are there that talk about spying on people? Police, Hall and Oates, Alan Parsons Project…

    1. I think starting with Eye in the Sky might help to get an overview 🙂

  3. Stop protesting and saddle up.

  4. Okay! Time to find our friends, the giants, and Ipola then! I’m guessing Tula will stay behind as local leader?

    And not sure I understand why Zona has a battle thong, but okay. If it works for her.

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