Page 1298 – Enter Yatta-Ta …

9 thoughts on “Page 1298 – Enter Yatta-Ta …

  1. I’ve missed seeing him! Time for him to get some payback for getting his happiness cut short.

  2. I’m curious why Tatt-ta has no Character Tag, his journey has been a good one…

  3. Good point!
    Oversight corrected. 🙂
    Warm regards,

  4. Ah! I would never have thought I would say so back in the beginning, but I’m so glad to see Yatta-ta again. He has grown so much as a character, just like Pontagar.

    But losing forty members of the Fire Tribe? Ouch. That’s a lot of people.

  5. “So how many Urrt heads will be needed to rebalance the cha?”
    “I’d say… five hundred?”
    “….. I think I can pull that off.”

  6. So where did the “forty” run off to and why? Also why kill a border guard? I mean it’s not like one guy could have stopped them. What, they’re gonna try to join up with Gorshash? That’s a quick way to wind up in the stew pot or as BBQ. Maybe find a billet with Maldic. In any case I have a feeling we’ll see them again and not in any good way.

  7. Ah, but they lost those forty-plus tribe members years ago. They just didn’t know it. At least they managed to excise the rot before it got any worse. Too bad about the border guard, though. That was a true loss.

  8. Thank you for writing “should have” and not that… “should of”.

    1. That is such an annoying habit of some people, along with the wrong use of they’re/their/there nearly as bad as hyphenating compound words in German. */pet peeve rant*
      Up to now there have been very few spelling mistakes and if commented upon JED has corrected them quite quickly!
      @JED: Thanks for that!

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