15 1969

DARVIK: “Take a seat.”

DARVIK: Yes, cousin. I will be honored to sit there. On one condition.


DARVIK: Lirna, I want your opinion on something.

LIRNA: Yes, of course.


DARVIK: I want to know … is it too late?

LIRNA: Too late?

AGLAR: Darvik, you -

LIRNA: Ah … I think I see.


MORA: Da, you … you can’t risk it at this point. It’s been over twenty years! Your body’s ...

DARVIK: Risk? You want to talk to me about risk, Mora? The whole world is going up in flames - there’s not going to be any safe places anymore, whether I take a risk or not. If it’s possible, I want to walk again, whatever the risk.
15 1969

Risky Business – Page 1178

15 thoughts on “Risky Business – Page 1178

  1. Oh fine. What ever I dd made something work,

    Still – need to dope out WTF is going on.


  2. Page 1178 is not loading for me on either Opera or Internet Explorer. It looks like it tries to load the page, and then fails to load.

    1. Apparently it was taking a long time to load, in excess of 5 minutes. I retract my statement. I’m sorry.

  3. Classic clash between the elderly and their relatives. Often, elderly people will value their independence over their safety, and their relatives will instinctively hold the contrary view.

    When the elder is of sound mind, they should have the right to make their own decisions, and take their chances. When they aren’t… it can get a bit more tricky. Luckily there’s nothing wrong with Darvik’s marbles.

    1. Independance or safety. Hmm. Tough matter to balance, for sure.
      What good is safety if it is to not be able to do anything without supervision or without some kind of chaperone? But then, taking risks while the body isn’t as able to face and shrug off said risks as it used to be isn’t particularly wise for oneself and for one’s relatives. But then again, no matter how we love them and how they love us, they don’t own our life.

      Now, that could be a theme for a philosophy essay. And I’m sure it has already been so quite a few times.

  4. I’m having problems viewing picture part. The dialog text is there. Tried Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge. All the same.

  5. It’s now there, so never mind.

  6. Love the comic. Unfortunately right now this page is not showing up for me.

    1. It shows up for me and others – though for reasons I don’t yet understand, the freaking server is dog slow now. Patience.

  7. Wow, your new theme is really messing with the layout. But that aside it’s a lovely page. 🙂 Of course, Aglor would have his priestess/healer/advisor present.
    And of course, Darvik would want to be ready to fight again in the war he knows is coming.

    1. Even if he gets to walk again, man, Darvik will need some ultra-serious training just not to lag too far behind the younger breed. I wonder what Erogenian magic and science can do about that. Would it be akin to doping, like in nowadays’ sports competitions? And then, what would be the price to pay with his health?

      Hmm… more questions than answers, it seems.

  8. Paddy: That sounds very much like the debate over doctor assisted suicide.
    Sometime in the next few decades I might decide that my health is to poor for me to want to continue life (nowhere near that now) , would it be right for anyone to stop me from drinking the hemlock?

  9. Had no problems loading either version and both appeared just fine to me. Granted that my old eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be, I still could tell very little difference. Of course, the artist is the one who must be the most satisfied with his work. Still looks good to me. And, yes, I’m one of those old folks who will hang on to his independence as long as I can. I just hope I know when it is time to turn over the car keys before I put someone else in danger with my driving.`

  10. Interestingly, the home page appears differently than when I go back then forward; https://barbarianprincess.com vs https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/risky-business-page-1178/
    I’m not sure if this difference is what’s causing others to have difficulty viewing.

  11. Why the change in models? Personally, I liked the prior ones, like from 3 May, much better.
    Eric Hines

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