Sensuality and Scars

7 thoughts on “Sensuality and Scars

  1. Very interesting first panel John (I hope you don’t mind if I call you John) I like the page

  2. What’s with the half-assed colouring on the top?

    1. It’s not “half assed” it’s a filter/technique/look – whatever you want to call it. It was deliberate.

    2. I think that’s called coloring in passion. Using certain colors and coloring techniques to denote feelings and mental states are nothing new.

  3. Zonn has a good point. The most important scars never show.

    *looks at new OOTS book*

    Okay, usually never show.

  4. I think Zonn is talking about inside himself, the scars that can’t be seen with the Eyes. BUT. I recall that Ipola is a priestess of the Moon, and certainly magical in her own right. So she can probably *SEE* Zonn’s Cha and how far things are. Question is, are they imbalanced? He disobeyed her orders, got their people killed, and it’s all very complicated.

    time will tell?

  5. Rebuilding a relationship, Erogenian style. Sex, then talk (more).

    By the way, there’s a dot missing after the ‘Some time later …’. It only got two instead of three.

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