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  1. The very best thing about Erogenians is they way they give apologies, and the way they accept them.

  2. Who’s the wise guy cutting onions around here? *sniff* Seriously, that guy needs to stop.

  3. This is a beautiful page with a touching conversation but (and I’m sorry) panel four is my favorite for a fantastic butt.
    Ipola rocks!

  4. Man, this is a heart-wrenching page. But I find myself even more impressed with Ipola – it’s hard for people to admit they were wrong, or admit fault, especially when it isn’t obvious. It’s even harder for someone in charge (royalty/leader/etc.) to do so. That she did in such a way is very impressive.

    1. True, but she’s also Erogenian. The cha needed to be balanced. To not have done that would have put the lie to everything that she is and believes in.

  5. Ah, but would he have been the king she needed and he is now had he managed to come back or had she found him?
    It is said for a reason that to live is to learn, I don’t think he had learned enough before, and might not have had he become her king at that time.

  6. Don’t go there lady.

    If he had been back in Erogenia he wouldn’t have HAD to grow up.

    1. Stephen – I bet anything that some form of what you just said is what Zonn himself will point out on the very next page. I’m calling it now.

      1. No contest to that. I fully expect Zonn to admit that it was having to take care of everyone in this harsh environment that forced him to grow up, to change, to become a king. He’s pretty much already admitted as much to Zona.
        Back in Erogenia he could have continued being the man he had always been without much change. Here he had no choice but to change if they all were to survive.

  7. Ipola shows one of the greatest virtues I’d look for in a sovereign: humility. She’s shown it before (okay, okay, a short archive dive… ) but not that strongly and throughly. And of course, she shows it while acknowledging it in Zonn. (As he is now, that is.)

    I fully agree with the_eldest and Logan_D that Zonn likely wasn’t up to the standards she described when he left, but it’s a testament to the kind of man he is that he rose to the needs of his people — followers and adopted. Ipola does great by acknowledging this as well.

    Also, I may have mentioned that the archive wasn’t all that practical before: right now it’s doing great. Thanks for fixing it, JED!

    1. Thanks a lot JD. Every time you post a ‘short’ dive I spend an hour re reading 50-60 pages.

      1. I’d say this is more JED’s ‘fault’L.’ Reading daily you sometimes loose how epic the story is as a whole.

      2. Calisto01, sibling, take heart in knowing that I’ve probably spent the same time and more doing that exact same thing. (Up to and including, being the babblemouth that I am, re-commenting some old pages.)

  8. I second Logan_D’s call…


  9. When you love someone, you don’t try to change them?
    Yes, you do. You do try to change them for better, that is.
    If my brother were notoriously short-fused, and I didn’t try my best to influence him into being more level-headed,
    I would be a most-terrible brother.

    Any other thought, anyone?

    1. Yes and no. You try to encourage them to change for the better, that’s for sure, but you also remember that they have free will and don’t have to follow your advice. Also, one should always remember that everyone goes wrong some day and it might be your turn today. The change you see as positive may not be seen in the same view by the one you love, possibly for very sound reasons.

      Because of your “most terrible brother” comment, I’ll add that if they don’t follow your advice, then get burned because of that, you still have done your part about it and don’t have to torture yourself over not winning them over to your arguments, ‘kay? (I’m talking about long-term, life-changing choices here; keep preventing a friend drink and drive — but again, if the friend is adamant on doing that, there’s precious little one can do against it. I guess Erogenians could try and KO the drunk friend because they would have no compunctions about the brawl that could ensue, but in western society this is a strong deterrent.)

  10. Without the road Zonn has been forced to travel, he would not be the man he is today. If he had remained in Eroginia, he would likely still be the headstrong warrior boy he always was. He left a warband leader, putting together a tribe from a bunch of refugees and then taking responsibility for them turned that boy into the man he is today, a King anyone would be proud to follow and call their own.

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