She’s Gonna Kill Me – Page 1072

TRANSCRIPT:   TULA: I made friends with one of your local hawks here and sent her a message practically as soon as we got out of the cave and you and Zona had stopped beating on each other.  So - I guess she decided that she’d come and see you for herself. ZONN: (incredulously) That’s … that’s Ipola? ZONA:  Oh yes.  I can see her now. MENTL: Good eyes. ZONN: Ipola … coming here … ZONA: Yep. ZONN: And riding on the back of a giant bloody eagle!  GODS can that woman make an entrance! ZONA: Yep. ZONN: (suddenly) Oh … oh God.  She’s going to kill me. ZONA: Don’t worry, Father.  I’ll protect you.

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  1. Well, that was a “right in the feels” moment….. well done

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂

      Warm regards,

  2. She did it. She really did it.

    1. Yep. 🙂

      – Warm regards,


  3. So it would seem that,in terms of plot timeline, p. 990 comes after p.1033.

    1. Yes. More or less.

      – Warm regards,


  4. If he had hawks available to him where he could send a message to Ipola at any time, then why didn’t he do that a long time ago?

    1. Because neither he nor anyone else in the Sun Tribe has the ability to talk to birds. Not every priest or priestess, shaman or crone has the skill or talent. Tula does, Ipola does. Chera does not.

      And yes, Ipola sent out birds to search at the time. Not knowing precisely where to look, they were unable to find them.

      – Warm regards,

  5. Zonn: Really?
    Zona: Yup!

    And yeah I recall that she had the perfect knife to geld him with…

    1. Which, we do know, she would never have actually used. 🙂

      I will just say this as others have, but take it from me, Erogenians are honest and revere the truth as a sacred value, but they are not absolute literalists who can’t tell the difference between an intentional lie and saying stupid crap to blow off emotional steam. We all have people we want to “kill” but everyone knows we’re not going to physically plan a murder. Same here.

      That being said, Zonn is not apprehensive *completely* without cause. You all will have to see how the upcoming meeting pans out.

      – Warm regards,

      1. Maybe Mentl can lend Zonn his War Skillet. Though in this case it should probably be used as a shield as opposed to a mace.

      2. Just to make things clear, my comment on the last page was meant in jest. Apologies if that didn’t carry through.

        And thank you for the clarification.

        1. Oh of course. I just sometimes feel the need to say it, as I have noted a tendency in certain commentators to want a Manichean black and white rule for these things, which is not what I am trying to present.

          Warm regards,

  6. I have a correction to point out:

    “…as soon as we got out of the cave and you and Zona had stopped beating on each other.”

    In point of fact, they were not beating on each other. Zona was beating up Zonn and it was entirely one-sided. The only time Zonn raised an arm was when Zona refused to listen to his pleas, when he merely grabbed her fist to stop her and grab her attention. (See page 1027 for this scene.)

    1. To be absolutely fair, he did beat her. In fact, iirc, hs jaw hit her knuckles pretty damn hard…hard enough that it dislocated…*

      (Please note that of that up there was said purely tongue-in-cheek.)

      …If you want to be 100% truthful, Zonn was beating on Zona. He mostly did so verbally, but it still counts. He bludgeoned her verbally with their shared Erogenian cultural demand for her to listen to him speak the truth. For someone as physically tough as Zona, verbal bludgeoning is a form of combat for which she doesn’t have as much practice defending against…which again if we are truthful with ourselves, is a good thing. It’s NOT good when you are so used to dodging being asked to acknolwedge & listen to verbal truths that you avoid them entirely. (*cough*currentpolitics*cough*)

      1. Heh.

        Yeah, he bruised her fist with his face repeatedly. 🙂

        – Warm regards,

    2. Maybe Tula is exercising diplomacy: Zonn is in something of a delicate psychological situation right here and may not need recollection that he’s been soundly beaten up, even by Zona herself.

    3. It sounds funnier. 🙂

      Warm Regards,


      1. Besides, Zonn chose not to defend himself, not physically at least. I’m sure he could have if he wanted, but preferred not to fight his own daughter.

        1. Exactly, Mac.

    4. Zona beating Zonn up.
      Yeah, yeah. Sure.

  7. She… She used the “F” word???

    Very nice work on the texture of Tula’s flashback (and thanks for answering a whole lot of questions in one panel swoop).

    Oh, and “good eyes”. Yeah, them too. And they’re up there.

  8. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!
    (sorry I’m kinda emtionnal when seeing daugther/father relationship)

    1. As a father that spent a lot of time in the service away from my minions, this one gets me as well.

    2. Inspired by real events. 🙂

      – Warm regards,

  9. Oh those facial expressions are PERFECT! Well done telling the story through gestures!

    1. Many thanks. 🙂

      – Warm regards,

  10. Once again, you just brought home the bacon, jedraft.

    So to speak, of course.

    Your art makes it clear that whatever Ipola does to Zonn is probably worth it for this moment.

  11. So she’ll “Protect” him. Does that just mean from getting killed, or will she step in if Ipola decided to bring her rug-beating stick to use getting the dust out of Zonn’s head.

    *pictures Ipola chasing Zonn around while Mentl introduces Erogenians to Yakkety Sax*

    1. For what it’s worth, Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins had recorded a guitar and voice version called “Yakety Axe” on their collaborative album “Neck and Neck”.

  12. ”Zona will protect her father”: I wonder if it’ll show to Ipola how much Zona grown up since the last time they saw each other. Remember when Zona left, she was still bitter from Ipola sending away (kinda) Mentl. Even if after she realize how much Ipolas was right, they still hadn’t met and Zona hadn’t been able to speak with her mother.

    1. I’m not entirely sure that’s growing up, copine. She has certainly evolved since leaving for war (if nothing else, she’s been at war and commented on how it changed even a seasoned fighter like her), but I’d say in her gold heart she still is the beautiful soul of a girl with a juggernaut body (yes, yes, pun intended) and a strong attitude.

      It’s difficult to say whether she has forgiven Ipola for Mentl’s departure: being reunited with him, she certainly has mellowed out a lot, but I don’t remember anything letting me know that her outlook to queendom has varied a lot. (Or course, I may well be wrong about that and will be grateful for proof that I am.) I guess we’ll see about that in the coming pages.

      1. This took some searching. I’m half-tempted to make my own directory of scene changes, since the current archive is so scrambled.

        1. Thanks, brother! I stand corrected: Zona has indeed grown about this particular topic.

          Now I want to see Ipola apologizing for sending Mentl away, Tula apologizing for deceiving her about her intentions and taking away the Champion in the middle of a war mission, Zonn for getting carried away and cut off, Zona for being too harsh on her mother, and all those beloved, strong characters interrupting each other because they feel they need to balance the cha first, until everyone’s babbling incomprehensible stuff, to be interrupted by Chera’s clear laughter.

          All right, it won’t happen but JED could make it funny.

          (By the way, SeanR, I used to keep a document of scenes with summary, characters appeared or mentioned, and Web addresses, but the latter are now obsolete and it’s fallen behind by a long way. I still, sometimes, entertain the notion of building a wiki. Then my wife rightly complains about being brutally woken up by a frightful scream and a shower of my cold sweat.)

  13. Nice flashback. 😀 I can’t wait to see how this meeting pans out.

    1. Darn it I hadn’t read this comment when I suggested that Mentl lend Zonn a WarSkillet to use as a shield. It goes better here

  14. Yeah, yeah. As if you needed any protection from her, Zonn. 😀

  15. You know what just occurred to me?
    Zonn and Ipola have been separated for a number of years, and *Zonn* at least, doesn’t seem to have ever had another relationship. Almost like he’s still holding a torch for her. And aside from Tula’s father, which was a political thing, (and Zonn was believed dead besides) *Ipola* doesn’t seem to have had a serious relationship either.
    Isn’t that one of the requirements for Gold Chain?

  16. I just love Zona’s self-satisfied smirk there near the end of the page. Like, “you’ll owe me for this, ya’ know?”

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