We’re Right Behind You – Page 1073

TRANSCRIPT: TULA: Here she comes.   ZONN: (terrified) Uhhhh … Chera: Do you want some numbwort? ZONN: No. ZONA: (with a shove) Go, Your Majesty.  Greet the Queen of the Moon Tribe. We’ll all wait here. TULA: If she starts to do more than just draw a little blood, we’ll intervene. ZONN: Oh, thanks.  

25 thoughts on “We’re Right Behind You – Page 1073

  1. Oy, Chera looks worried. Now I’m worried too.

    I love Zona and Tula’s one-two banter. Zona may have mellowed out to Zonn but she sure is playful still. (And don’t we love her that way.) I wonder if that shove was intended to remind him that if need be, she could very well throw him into greeting Her Majesty?

    Still, she’s being nice by describing Ipola as the “Queen of the Moon tribe”. Mentioning “Liege lady of Erogenia” ( https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/the-odd-couples/page-835/ ) or “destroyer of the Urtts, unifier of all Erogenia, favored one of the Goddess Luna herself” ( https://barbarianprincess.com/comic/the-odd-couples/page-838/ ) certainly wouldn’t help.

    Last, I love the blue feathers on the Aburor’s tail. Might it be a reference to Beldin of the Belgariad and the Malloreon?

    1. Father Jack Hackett, Craggy Island.

      Zona, throwing her father?
      😀 now, now. You are overestimating her as much as you’re underestimating him.
      He might be past his prime, but he still packs some serious punch.

      “Good morning, father.”

    2. Eh, Chera looks more smug/anticipatory than worried to me. Kind of like, “Oh boy, this is gonna be good!”

  2. Doy, I didn’t see my comment appear after posting it, so I rewrote it, posted it again and *then* the first comment appeared. I have to remember that’s not necessarily a bug. JED, if you would be so kind as to remove one of the two, please? Choice of which one is yours, y’all’s the boss.

    1. (And now my second version of the first comment does not seem to appear. Me and my overreacting big mouth. JED… do what you will. Delete the comments about comments because they’re useless to anyone else or keep them as a lesson in humility and patience, I trust your wisdom.)

    2. As you wish. 🙂

      I don’t know why some of my regular posters sometimes need to be re-approved from time to time. That’s what happened here. But I try to pay attention and get to each one as fast as I can.

      Warm regards,


      1. Most likely, something happened to a cookie or token. Like they crumbled.

        Unlike Zonn’s spine, which is trying to stand firm. Likely, so is another part of him.

  3. With daughters like these two, I’m not surprised he’s nervous of the ex.

  4. SamuraiDemonPuppy

    Pass the popcorn time… What’s the Erogenian equivalent of popcorn? Zonn’s audience will want a big bucket-full.

  5. I wonder who is stronger? Father or daughter? I have never seen anyone manhandle Zona like when he threw her into the wall to stop her from attacking that lizard guy

  6. I think it is hilarious that the big honking warrior – that wouldn’t give a second thought before wading into a gaggle of Urts – is almost paralyzed with fear over a woman. (I do grant you that Ipola is not just any woman but still the image is hilarious.)

  7. As an aside, this is probably the first time a page in this comic has conjured up a song by Giorgio Moroder in my mind. (Sung by Bonnie Tyler, no less.) I was going to add “and hopefully the last”, but after taking a look at the man’s wikipedia page, I’ll half-grudgingly admit I have underestimated him for years.

  8. “We’re right behind you” … and the city wall, just in case 😉
    He does know his (ex-)wife well enough though to be somewhat worried (Can’t remember if there was a divorce). Nevertheless they do operate on truth, so once both have had their say they should be able to agree to disagree and work from there.

    1. He disobeyed her order to harry and retreat, and his unauthorized raid resulted in his current isolation.
      I don’t think either were ever “married” as we know it. I know, from an earlier strip, that Tula Can’t get married, as her holy vows prevent that. I’d not be surprised if Ipola weren’t similarly forbidden to marry. (I have the vague impression that she holds some religious responsibilities in addition to her secular role as queen and high queen.) That said, they do have a long, happy, relationship, and he’s been effectively “lost at sea” for well over a decade.

      I think he’s due for a sharp slap across the face for defying her standing orders, again, and look what came of that. I think they will be in his quarters by shortly after nightfall…catching up.

      1. At least two decades, given how he left when Zona was 2 years old (too young to remember him).

      2. “He disobeyed her order to harry and retreat, and his unauthorized raid resulted in his current isolation.”

        And his unauthorized raid also saved many lives and brought them freedom.
        Let us not make this a trial without due process.

  9. It’s nice to see mutual support within the family. Mentyl might be wondering what will it be like to meet her again as well.
    She might feel a need for the cha to be balanced in HIS favor.

  10. that is not an eagle its a Roc

  11. My money’s on the “slap slap kiss kiss” routine. As in, she wants to belt him one, and hard, for disobeying her, and for leaving her for so very long… and then hug him tightly because she missed him so much and because she knows he wouldn’t be the man she loves if he weren’t the sort to ignore orders and drop everything to save people.

  12. I like how everybody is making guesses on what Ipola will do, but I’m mostly curious about the bag in her hand. What’s in it?
    And nice bow, btw.

    1. The Gorram Batguy

      Well, they always say bring an extra pair of underwear in your carry-on when you fly.

  13. And now, for a cliffhanger, we cut to the Urrts…

  14. I don’t know if Mentl is wondering about Ipola. I think Ipola will want to apologize but, even I have to admit it, she was worried for her daughter/Champion of Erogenia. She was a queen acting as a queen in front of a unknown rather powerful possible threat (and before you hit me on the head, I’ll remind you I was mad at her and the old crow, whatshername, for making Mentl feeling bad and exiling himself….).
    I wonder what Ipola will do with Zonn but I’m not sure there will be screaming or kiss kiss. I think they are facing a huge threat and she needs the Sun tribe…. And we still don’t know what happen with Gudik (I wanted to make a joke on his name but will abstain….). So, I don’t know if she is that much into slapping him for old memories… Perhaps it’ll be even harder on him if she just push this away…
    As always, we’ll see. JED is always full of surprise.

    1. One of the reasons I LOVE this webcomic is because–despite all my decades of experience as a wrter & editor, helping my spot everything coming from a mile away–JED still surprises me from time to time with plot twists, song picks, & character choices (all in good ways).

      Most recently, the deft handling of the delicate issue of death vs enchantment. Mentl won’t try anything now, because he knows now that it is an offense to the cha to use magic to force someone back to life.

  15. Zonn really shouldn’t worry too much. Ipola IS holding a bow and she hasn’t yet shot an arrow at his feet. She has had the whole flight to ‘think’ on things and cool down a bit – both anger and excitement. Of course, that is assuming Tula told her exactly who they were staying with, but it isn’t as if there’s another missing tribe. Power levels have also changed. Not physically, but he is on a more equal level with her as a leader now.

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