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ASTRIA: What do you think?


LAEMUL: Well … I don’t really … can’t really say at the moment. 


ASTRIA: Isn’t it in people’s auras or something?  Can’t you see?




LAEMUL: Sometimes.  It’s a little complicated, though, and I would have to be in the right frame of mind …


ASTRIA: Can you get in the right frame?  I … I mean, I know I could do magick, if you’d just teach me! I’m special – don’t you think?  


LAEMUL: Ah –  


ASTRIA:Because – you haven’t got an apprentice, have you?  Don’t mysticks have to have an …




LAEMUL: Wait-wait-wait, Astria.  We’ve just had a very nice physical experience and now you want me to test you for magickal ability by jumping right into the spiritual plane — have a moment’s patience, all right darling?


ASTRIA: All right …


Laemul puts on a pair of hose.  He then goes to one of his tables and pulls out a crystal


LAEMUL: Hm. Maybe this will be a good test?  


ASTRIA:  What is it?


LAEMUL: Well, it’s a –


ASTRIA: It’s a magic crystal, isn’t it?  Do I get to have it?  Are you giving it to me?


LAEMUL:  No, no.   It’s just a very simple scrying crystal.  A mystick can use it to get general information like weather, or to detect patterns in the surrounding magickal ether.  So it is attuned to mystickal energies and vibrations.  So what I want you to do is stand there, calm yourself with a few deep breaths … that’s it, in through the nose, out through the mouth … good.  Now –  look into the crystal. 


ASTRIA: Okay …


LAEMUL: I want you to just picture a candle flame in your mind.  Picture it in the crystal. 


ASTRIA: And what then?


LAEMUL: Then we’ll see. 

5 1149

She’s Special. Page 1208

5 thoughts on “She’s Special. Page 1208

  1. Young Laemul reminds me a bit of Lupin the IIIrd, with this hairdo.

  2. Well, well, well. Do she think sleeping with someone is how you become their apprentice? Hmm, maybe it sometimes is, but I’m not sure that’s how mystics generally pick their apprentices. 😛
    Will be interesting to see if she really do have any magical talent or not.

  3. I get the feeling she might not take it well if he has to inform her she has the magical talent of a bowl of cold porridge.

    1. True, true.

  4. It looks like the crystal is positioned to reflect the candle flames.

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