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LAEMUL(NARR): Memories. Memory of our past is how we remain who we are in the present. It is how we create the future, endow our existence with meaning. Memories are the building blocks of consciousness itself, of spirituality in the physical plane of existence.

Some memories, some moments, of course, are so precious to me that I return to them again and again, like luminous jewels. A pure pleasure just to think upon


The chambers of LAEMUL, the court Mystick of the King of Kivalia

Laemul and Astria are in a post-coital snuggle

ASTRIA: Laemul?

LAEMUL: Mm-Hmmh?

ASTRIA: Do you … think I have any talent?

LAEMUL: What? Gods and monsters, girl, you’re amazing!

ASTRIA: Noooo, I mean … like … magick?

8 3310

She’s VERY Talented – Page 1207

8 thoughts on “She’s VERY Talented – Page 1207

  1. How can we check out past pages, when there are no archives?

    1. When I had to redo the entire site, it was a functionality that I wasn’t able to include, thanks to me doing it all myself. I’ve decided to get some pro help this week to fix the site and get these inconveniences rectified.
      Apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully it will be much better soon.


  2. She apparently cast a beneficial spell on Laemul…Although they both might be a bit fatigued from it, there was definitely a positive effect. We might even give a name for the spell she’s crafted; Viagra.

  3. Yay! We get to see Laemul at 25 (?) to 30 years old! :-3

  4. Uh, we get to see a young (and horny) Laemul! Nice! 😀 We’ve had hints that he was much different in his young days; now we get a glimpse of that. Thanks.

  5. ‘ Apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully it will be much better soon. ‘

    Given the lockdown world we are currently living in, keeping a website up and producing quality
    product is important. It’s the little things, my friend… finding a new page posted, when you get
    home from 12 hours of delivering p.p.c and medicines to hospitals on the brink of failure… it’s a
    tether to… normality that is very much appreciated.

    Archives can come later, imho. Just keep posting pages, please.


    1. Kia kaha, Eli. Carry on.
      At least some of your fellow American citizens and nationals have probably voiced their appreciation of your work, and that of all medical professions.
      We smoked the Black Plague. We offed rabbies. We made the Spanish Influenza snuff it. This Covid-19 will follow suit, and the more we hold on, the closer it grows to its end.

  6. I found two links inserted, I think, on the previous page. They’re gone now, but they provided a lot of insight. Thanks!

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