The Straight Dope – Page 1278

6 thoughts on “The Straight Dope – Page 1278

  1. Aaaaahhh, that’s my man Mentl there. And my girl Zona. And my dude Vito. And, somehow, my girl Tula. The mix of her features with Vito’s expression is even better than last page. And I love that king Tor, who may have looked like a strong guy with maybe not that much social refinery at some point, closes the page with a brief slice of wit.

  2. Well, that settles it. Zona, go kick ass! Mentl said so. 😉 And now she can do it without feeling bad about leaving Mentl behind while he heals.

  3. Is the neck of Tor intentional

  4. No.



  5. That’s such an Anya-esque “Heh” by Vito. He’s getting his kicks out of all this, I’m sure.

  6. I just found out that the starting page had been stuck for some comics now…
    Great work, best wishes, and get well soon !

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