The Sun And The Moon – Page 1086

TRANSCRIPTION:   ZONN: Don’t be so hard on yourself.  I was the one who hared off trying to be a hero. And we wound up 1500 miles from where we should have been behind the Urtt territories, and we really by rights should all be dead.  Even if you hadn’t stopped looking, you might have wasted time and resources you couldn’t afford without ever finding us.   ZONN: And look at you:  Ipola, you’ve made something truly great.  You made sacrifices for the greater good again and again and …you triumphed as few people in history ever could.  And, obviously, you didn’t really need me there to do it. IPOLA: Says you. ZONN: Besides - it’s all in the past, we can’t change it now.  Let’s take what we have. IPOLA: Do we have anything - really?  You and I, after all this time? ZONN: We have tonight.  And that’s not nothing. For the future?  Well ... IPOLA: For that - Hrraarch, my Aburor friend will return in five days time at noon.  She will land if she feels it’s safe, but only if she sees me. If she doesn’t, she will return to her people alone.  That’s our agreement. ZONN: So soon. IPOLA: The Sun and the Moon can’t share the sky for long, I’m afraid. ZONN: But they do, though, don’t they?   IPOLA: Yes. Yes, they do, however … briefly.

16 thoughts on “The Sun And The Moon – Page 1086

  1. Awww, that ending is bittersweet.

  2. This page is MAGICKAL!

  3. It’s always amazing to see lovers behaving maturely instead of like petulant children. Hollywood needs to learn that lesson, on and off the screen.

  4. Wee! New page. 😀

    I like how they finally get to talking about all the things that have gone between them. And a lot can happen in five days; who knows, maybe they’ll find a way to unite the sun tribe with the rest of Erogenia again.

    1. The fixed locations of their respective holy sites might get in the way.

      1. Or they might provide the solution. I do think they have been used as gateways in the past, but we’ll see. Or maybe the ancient Erogenians just fly everywhere on dragon back.

  5. Actually the sun & the moon are both visible almost half the time.
    /pedant mode off

  6. “Trying” to be a hero? Trying?
    You bloody damn well were one, Zonn! You freed an entire people that has every will to fight the Urtts.
    You lost many warriors and soldiers along the way, but you made a terrific ally.
    So stop beating yourself, old chap.

  7. Hmmmm! So she doesn’t get a husband out of it, but does get one enormously romantically attached and powerfully significant ally!

    Hmmmm! It *does* move the story along.

  8. Okay – that line about sharing the sky is just so beautiful! sniff!

  9. This makes me very sad.

  10. I seem to still be having problems posting comments

  11. First off JED that is just a smoking hawt scene with Ipola and Zonn.
    Second off I love the honesty. Honesty is Sexy.
    Also “Do you dance first dance…often these days?” -snicker; damn that was funny.
    Thirdly this has all been a very moving scene, excellent work good sir. You are one of my favorite romantic authors/artists.
    I hope for a magical solution, perhaps via Mentl, that allows a doorway effect for the Sun and the Moon to meet. For Diplomatic Reasons.
    Seriously, communication between the tribes and improved morale of its most important decision makers is A Need.

  12. Aaaaahhh, they’re so cute. (I sometimes marvel at how this comic makes me feel that a two-meter-plus-tall blonde with enough strength to juggle children and lift a tree trunk is “cute”, but this time it’s done that with a similar being, only larger and possibly stronger, not to mention with a beard! Hats off once more, JED.)

    Also, Logan_D, I was totally certain that your call was right, but JED found a way to bypass it and still make Zonn sound mature. I’m beginning to think that E is for Eulenspiegel…

    1. “Possibly” stonger? Totally stonger, you mean. 🙂

      1. Zonn doesn’t strike me as totally stronger than Zona. Since he seems to be more muscular, I think he may be, but surprises abound in this story. So until we get a definite answer, I’m sticking with “possibly”. You do as you like, I won’t point a finger to you if Zona comes in angry.

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